Hint of the Fairness Doctrine?

Batya is impressively non-partisan. She’s an elite Jew who had been writing conventional elite stuff in mainly Jewish publications. A few years ago she stood back and realized that the elite media was genocidal. Trump gave them permission and ammunition in their long war of attrition against normal working people.

Now Batya is closer to the old-fashioned leftists of the FDR era. Government should attempt to level the ECONOMIC system, but should STAY THE FUCK OUT OF CULTURE AND LIFE.

I’ve been watching a bunch of her interviews and haven’t seen a Gotcha yet. In fact she tends to blame the D side more than necessary for the long war of attrition on the working class. Batya says that Clinton started the offshoring. No, it was WELL underway by then. Nixon started it and every president since Nixon has continued it. Clinton finished repealing FDR’s bank and stock regulations, but even there he didn’t start the process.

She’s currently an editor of Newsweek, which made me think: If Newsweek employs her, are they ALSO trying for fairness in general, or are they just using her as a symbol? After reading the website, the answer is tentatively and cautiously Yes. Far from perfect but closer to objective than either of the “sides”.

The mainstream side has been murdering and destroying civilization for 200 years. Pure evil. The dissident side is trying to survive, trying to maintain reality, but often overstates the threats to bring in more clicks and donations. The dissident side also overstates the power of protest, which is dangerous and suspicious. Protests are always run by Deepstate.

In other words, we have two false premises.

Mainstream’s premise is pure Nazi:
All peasants must be EXTERMINATED.

Dissident’s premise unfortunately serves the purposes of the mainstream.
We must exert our rights and protest the extermination!

When you have zero power, exerting your “rights” only identifies you for easy extermination. Effective change must happen among people with SOME power, like corporate executives and governors and media editors.

At the start of the genocide in March 2020, the monstrosity WAS universal. But as sane governors started to exert their power and GUTS, a more messy picture has resulted. Despite constant noise and threats, the Federal level has NOT used its power to bring the sane states back in line. Biden has been in office for a year and nothing has really changed at the state level. Sane states are still sane and demonic states are still demonic.

Newsweek is trying to describe this messy picture without starting from either of the two false premises. I hope they can continue, but I expect they will fall in line with the Deepstate norm.

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