Overloading the abacus

Listening to a long interview with Balaji Srinivasan. He’s one of those all-around realists selling bitcoin.

Balaji also reminds me of another type that has been around for a long time. I don’t know if he belongs to this type, but the pattern fits. Cult leaders tend to overwhelm the listener with a wide range of just beyond your reach language and concepts. Everything Balaji says is a jump to a new subject, and everything is insider jargon for a different type of insider. The interviewer, who is definitely tech-savvy, has to stop him every few minutes to come down to earth and explain or de-jargonize a concept.

Tech cult leaders, from Hubbard to Jobs to Elon to Elizabeth, know how to play this game. It’s the informational equivalent of the money-sloshing swindle, where money moves back and forth at a dizzying pace, each time apparently to your advantage, and then at the end you lose a huge amount from a place you weren’t watching because you were pleasantly overloaded by fake ‘advantages’. Scammers call it the Dazzle for good reason.

Each new swing of the informational vector turns your attention, and you try to keep up with the moves in this new direction, but the moves always stay just ahead of your internal counter. At some point your internal counters reach overload.

When a simple odometer-style counter overflows, two different things can happen. It can be treated as zero, or it can be rejected. A proper computer will simply stop and sound an alarm when an odometer overflows.

The IBM 650, with its unique Roman numbering, shows it easily. I previously showed the ones column running up to 9 and smoothly overflowing into the tens column…

But what happens when the entire 4-digit odometer is just about full?

The overload needs to be treated as NOT USABLE, and a separate alarm light needs to be triggered. Flipping the breaker.

Humans definitely have breakers on our internal information abacuses. We call them BS detectors. I suspect they’re more like comparators than abacuses. We tick up a bead each time the info matches a known pattern with a bitter flavor. When the beads stack up high enough, our retch reflex kicks in. We puke FUCK YOU to the source of info, and we GTFO of the situation where the bitter info is being funneled into our mind.

Clever dazzlers know how to reach overload (unshakable belief) without triggering the informational retch reflex.

Reviewing the bee’s waggle dance might help to clarify this. A reliable information scout provides useful and actionable information about a food source, in vector form. One direction, one distance count….

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Careful observers have decoded the honeybee’s waggle dance. It’s a vector message. The dancer is telling her hivemates about a good source of honey. She repeatedly forms a figure-8 pattern, with the message in the middle.

The direction of the dance is relative to the main honeycomb wall of the hive. The angle between the central motion line and the wall represents the vector of the food source relative to the sun.

Transposing the viewed dance to a position on the bee’s internal compass is complex, but using the memorized template can be hardwired in an insect with compound eyes that cover most of the compass. The template is assigned to one radial set of lenses, and the bee keeps the sun centered on that group of lenses.

The distance component of the vector is conveyed by the number of waggles in each central run.

This reminds me of the glial abacus that keeps track of numbers in short-term memory. Astrocyte cells serve as a kind of scorecard or abacus outside of the neurons. The neurons click up the astrocytes, and when the number of raised beads reaches a threshold the neurons tell the body to stop swimming or flying.

Let’s try to imagine how this feels to a forager bee watching the dance.

Polistra has a hive near the mill…

Looking downward inside the hive we see one scout telling one forager about her find:

The forager observes the direction of the dance with respect to the hive, and forms a template for where the sun should be when she’s flying.

Taking the important part in slow motion:

Each waggle ticks up the beads of her astrocyte abacus. For a simple animation we’ll assume she’s a Babylon Bee who counts in base 60. For each of these five waggles she brings in one 12-bead astrocyte. The total of all the counters tells her how many wingflaps she needs. (Obviously the real multiple of wingflaps per waggle would be far more than 12.)

She then launches out of the hive and turns until the actual sun matches the template position supplied by the dance. As she flies, each wingflap clicks down a bead. When the astrocytes have all reached threshold, she’s there.

She then launches out of the hive and turns until the actual sun matches the template position supplied by the dance. As she flies, each wingflap clicks down a bead. When the astrocytes have all reached threshold, she’s there.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Bees probably don’t need a separate BS detector on a meta-level. If an impostor from another hive tried to mislead the foragers with a confused pileup of directions and distances, she wouldn’t even get into the hive. The soldiers would kick her out or kill her. The same would happen in a functional human community. You’re not from here, so we aren’t going to listen to you.

High-tech societies have been INTENTIONALLY stripped of our natural hive defense by 300 years of “human rights” and “diversity” and “open borders”. We haven’t been allowed to reject genuine outsiders. At the same time we have been conditioned and selected to retch when we encounter the wrong set of IDEAS or BRANDS or LABELS.

The tech cult leaders know how to use (and OVERUSE) the right set of brands and words and labels to establish You’re one of us in a subculture. Now that direct human contact is EXPLICITLY AND SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLDWIDE TORTURE CHAMBER, only online communities function. So the information cult leader can send out his label signals to the whole world and gather the people he wants by overloading the precisely chosen set of abacuses.

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