Fake surprise

Vice magazine does a good job of exposing bitcoin frauds. In this case they’re not standing back far enough..

CIA claims that it’s just now starting to get involved in bitcoin to defend against fake “attacks” created by CIA. Vice takes this as gospel and bashes “conspiracy theorists” who observed the fact before CIA “revealed” it.

Spies never reveal Shannon information. When a spy tells you something “new”, you can be 100% sure that you already know it, or should have already known it. If you didn’t already know it, you weren’t paying attention to reality.

Satoshi’s biography is full of clues, but you don’t need the clues. A currency that runs solely on NSA’s invention is going to be solely controlled and monitored by NSA. This is SIMPLE LOGIC.

If I invented a new currency based on cards that I printed with my mimeograph, and told you that every transaction has to be sent to my post office box for approval, you wouldn’t be fooled for a moment. You’d recognize that I intended to see all transactions so I could nab a percentage and use the info for blackmail.

Why is it any less obvious when the mimeograph is a meme-ograph, and when the post office box is a node in NSA’s electronic mail system?

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