No, that’s not why he’s persecuted.

I’ve always been uneasy and unsettled about Assange. A major part of the story is missing. Neither side makes enough sense. I don’t have any idea what’s missing, but sometimes I can say for sure what’s NOT missing.

Greenwald is solidly with Assange, for excellent reasons. In an ideal world journalists and scientists should be seeking truth, not serving Deepstate. In this long and thoughtful video essay, Greenwald features a brief interview with Assange in 2011 before the persecution started. Assange is telling us that Deepstate doesn’t want to win wars, it wants to keep wars going endlessly. Glenn says this is the real reason for the persecution.

Shit. That doesn’t make the tiniest microlick of sense. Millions of thinkers and writers have understood that Deepstate needs permanent war, starting with Machiavelli and continuing through Orwell and Parkinson. This fact is more widely and openly discussed than Newton’s laws.

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