Amazon is doing what Trump “wanted”.

Last year I predicted that electing Biden would solve many problems because the media and corporations would stop devoting ALL of their energy to FUCK_TRUMP FUCK_TRUMP FUCK_TRUMP. They might start protecting their own interests in ways that would accidentally improve American lives.

Unfortunately they DIDN’T modify or decrease the HOLOCAUST. The demonic MDs (Mengele Doctors) are still killing and torturing millions for pleasure. Endless supply of Viagra for demonic psychopaths.

But some other areas are improving. China Insights reports that Amazon is cracking down massively on Chinese sellers, closing at least 50k Chinese accounts so far this year. Most of these resellers are buying things online in China and then selling them for about 10x the price to Americans. They also run clickfarms to generate fake reviews, which involves a huge amount of shipping and delivery of empty packages to satisfy Amazon’s algorithms. As with bitcoin, we’re wasting tremendous amounts of resources and creating tremendous amounts of pollution for NO PURPOSE AT ALL. This activity doesn’t manufacture real products or provide real services, it only creates lies and fraud.

Trump pretended to be a populist but didn’t even TRY to limit China. Now that Amazon is no longer solely driven by the urgent need to insult and mock half of its customers, it is finally doing what Trump pretended to do. Eliminating huge numbers of fake sellers and arbitragers in China makes more room for REAL sellers in US.

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