Cui bono? Non-combatants.

I went to sleep listening to those 1940 news broadcasts, when US was trying to benefit from neutrality without getting involved in the war.

Woke up after only two hours, with a bad dream about being pursued by two sides. Then the next item in the playlist was this episode of Calling All Detectives, where the detective is working for two stamp collectors. As I wrote before:

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The detective is called simultaneously by two high-dollar stamp collectors who are accusing each other of theft. He uses constants and variables expertly, determining that a crooked stamp dealer is playing these two against each other to manipulate prices.

At the end the narrator says:

When two clients accuse each other, always look for the hand of a third party.

Excellent advice. We won’t hear this moral today, because the entire world is based on Symmetrical Scapegoating.

Nevertheless, the rule is universal. When you’re supposed to argue about a specific question, you know the REAL question is elsewhere. Deepstate uses this trick in every possible subject.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Who was the stamp dealer in WW1 and WW2? The serious non-combatants. South America stayed resolutely out of both wars, and supplied both sides with oil and minerals and beef and wheat.

The current holocaust is not Nation A versus Nation B. It’s nearly all governments versus their own people.

There are only a few neutrals this time. Tanzania and Belarus started out fully and OFFICIALLY neutral, and it appears from a recent ‘stringency map’ that both have mainly held the line. Dixie and a few midwestern states pulled out early, and they are benefiting in the same way that South America benefited before. Young productive people are moving to Texas and Florida and Tennessee. Young productive BUSINESSES are pulling up stakes and moving from California and Washington to Texas and Florida and Tennessee.

Aside from the moves, non-combatant states prosper directly. In WW2 the neutrals didn’t have to suffer bombing and sieges. In the current war, the noncombatant states continue working and living normal lives without muzzles and mandates and Lucite and constant fear of new crazy lockdowns. The state gains revenue and doesn’t have to spend money on welfare, and doesn’t have to clean up riots and suicides. The governor gains popularity.

Cui bono doesn’t automatically imply cause. We know that South America didn’t start WW2, and we know that South Dakota didn’t start the 2020 holocaust. Bush Junior started it in 2005, following a long Bush family tradition. But cui bono is a hugely important LESSON for states and nations that must decide whether to participate in a war.

Unfortunately I’m stuck in one of the Axis belligerents. I can’t choose to be a non-combatant, and I’m not rich or young enough to pull up stakes and move to a neutral. But I can try (yet again) to focus my attention elsewhere, to avoid being sucked into the battle more than necessary. I’ve been focusing too hard on this shit lately. The dream is an overload light. Time to pull back and think about sane subjects for a while, until the bombs strike directly again.

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