Rambling on subness

Meaningless subcultures are infinitely dense and varied. Digital makes it possible to microdivide Freud’s ‘narcissism of small differences’ down to the quark level.

Reading this Vice article on the latest NFT, which is predictably generating new subsublayers of fake dispute with real death threats.

Crazy Frog, the 3D animated amphibian that haunted anyone alive in the mid-2000s with its shrill engine noises and “DING! DING!” catchphrase, is back — and minting NFTs. And people are very pissed off.

Never haunted me. Never saw it, never heard it.

This is salient because I’ve been working and playing RIGHT NEXT to the videogame world for 40 years, first in electronics then in graphics. Around 2004, a few of my pythons were requested and used by game designers. That’s closer than ADJACENT.

But I’ve only played a videogame once: Pacman in its arcade form around 1977. I put in a quarter and manipulated the pizza thing. It wasn’t a quarter worth of fun, so I never did it again.

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