A necessary part of the cure

We should start thinking about the NEVER AGAIN process, to insure that demonic torturers can’t take over the entire world. (For a while.) We know that there won’t be a Nuremberg or anything remotely resembling “justice”. Demons are only prosecuted for INEFFICIENT OR INADEQUATE EVIL, never for doing too much evil. We will have to wait for the monsters to get bored or die.

But we can try to cultivate better replacements and slow down the career advancement of even worse monsters.

What human personality type turns into the torturer? The scholastic purist, the theorist, the OCD type. These are different scales of the same vector. All of them are repelled by PHYSICAL REALITY and seek a pure spiritual realm, free of peasants and germs and things and bodies.

After France learned from 1789, a strong spirit of PRACTICALITY defeated the theorists. The government and culture took pains to conserve and value material objects, and to conserve and value HUMAN SKILLS.

From 1920 to 1970 we had two generations of non-tyrannical leadership in US. Wilson’s scholastic purity, expressed in Prohibition and the need to cleanse the world for “democracy”, developed a strong immune response. Imperialists and theorists and health nuts were seen as stupid fools. FDR got rid of the theoretical bankers and the purist Prohibition, and built a MASSIVE amount of REAL PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE using and developing REAL HUMAN SKILLS. Dams, roads, buildings, parks.

The rejection of OCD was often visible in media. I’ve already cited the 1949 mocking of Germsy. Another episode of the same series mocks hypochondriacs and pill-takers. A 1951 comedy takes down vegetarians and ‘physical culture’ types.

Those anti-theory generations carried physicality a bit too far; they died unnecessarily soon from alcohol and tobacco. But their dominance in government and business meant a long period of sanity, when crazy theorists and psychopathic germsies couldn’t gain traction on the power ladder.

When the Boomers took over in 1970, we brought the hippie hatred of physicality and germs and food and bodies. The elites in our generation are the MOST germsy of all.

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Possibly hopeful sidenote: If this review is accurate, we already have the first real media mockery of the Faucian demons. A Silent Night hits the mark directly and fiercely, and it’s produced by a major movie company with big-name actors. It’s not a preachy documentary by the usual fake opposition suspects, who pulled in a lot of money from suckers like me and produced nothing.

The movie’s end message is simple:


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