Where are the unions?

The situation of workers in 1946 was similar to 2021 in some ways, at least numerically. Employees had been working long hours and multiple shifts during the war, and everyone was DEAD TIRED. Inflation was raging. Corporations wanted to return to normal hours AND normal pay, while prices were getting more and more abnormal.

Unions struck HARD, especially in the crucial auto industry. The result was a shift of power that gave workers the advantage for 30 years. Businesses without unions had to bend in the same direction if they didn’t want to be invaded by unions.

We’re seeing a massive informal strike right now, as DEAD TIRED workers are just quitting. This move could have been leveraged to cause a similar power shift, especially since China is no longer interested in being the factory for the world. Unions could force reshoring and better wages and conditions.

Unfortunately unions lost their purpose a long time ago. In the 70s they basically joined the corporations, seeking power and money for the union LEADERS but not for their WORKERS. In the 2020 holocaust unions were enthusiastically and murderously working WITH Mecher and Fauci and Inslee and Newsom, not AGAINST the demons. The teachers union was actually MORE DEMONIC than the demons, pushing CDC to keep schools closed when CDC was trying to reopen.

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