A 2022 prediction.

Here’s a prediction. As more info about the massive crimes of the last few decades gradually filters out, we will see that the Bush family is the source and heart of the demonic evil.

Other monsters like Soros and Bezos and Gates and Clinton and Trump are major subdemons, but the Bushes give the commands and set the tone.

When did this reign of terror start? 1981 when the Bush family assassinated Reagan. As with the earlier Deepstate assassination of FDR, the plan failed, but the failures went in different directions.

FDR was untouched because a brave civilian and an ordinary cop knocked down the gunman. FDR gained even more GUTS from the attempt, and successfully suppressed Deepstate for 12 years.

The bullet hit Reagan and would have killed him, except that he happened to be very close to a DC hospital that was accustomed to treating gunshots. He was weakened, and Bush Senior basically assumed the presidency at that point.

What’s the tone of this world-ending reign of terror? Eternal unceasing exponentially increasing war and torture against all normal life. Eternal exponentially increasing wealth and power for the demons.

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