Illuminating phrase

An article about China’s recent expansionist tendencies described modern China as a LAND MAFIA.

This fits the category of condensed complete explanations, which I like to call Self-Explanatory Sentences.

It also fits one of the recent tendencies in USA. Zillow and other NYC hedge funds have been buying up massive numbers of houses, and renting only some of them. The main purpose is pure mafia. When one gang owns ALL the property, it can impose ALL the restrictions. It can charge whatever rent it wants, and it can exclude renters for any reason. “Laws” do not exist. The gang can and will use extortion to sell the privilege of living.

China reached this same condition through a much longer process.

Mao, following the lethal Enlightenment lie that Nature is exponential, forced parents to have only one child. As a Lockean Enlightenment thinker, Mao couldn’t possibly comprehend the natural motives of real people.

Real Chinese people want a male heir. Urban people were partly trained by the Enlightenment, but rural people retained their solid culture. When forced to have only one child, they simply aborted and killed many of the female children.

None of this was necessary. Life is negative feedback. Life is tanh, not exp. When supply and demand are allowed to adjust naturally, population adjusts naturally. In urban areas where kids are useless, reproduction slows down naturally. In farm areas where kids are useful, reproduction remains steady.

Two generations later, the oversupply of undemanded males again collided with natural culture. Nature says that a young man is more matable when he has useful talents and potential income. In Chinese tradition, owning a house marks potential income. So the demand for OWNED houses became the universally desired and demanded marker of matability. Result: Millions of OWNED but not OCCUPIED houses.

Both countries have converged on a peculiar situation from different starting points. Land mafia, weaponized property.

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