Reviewing Aberree, part 4/7

Several ‘short takes’ by Hart.

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On vaccination. Note especially that I was writing this item in May of 2019, before vax became the ONLY RELEVANT TOPIC IN THE FUCKING WORLD.

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Via ZeroHedge:

On the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia, a cruise ship belonging to the Church of Scientology has been quarantined after a case of measles turned up on board, according to the NYT.

Several high profile Scientologists have spoken out against vaccines in the past, despite the church saying it “takes no position one way or the other on [the] issue”.

Is this a new or atypical tendency? Nope.

A quick search of the Aberree shows several diatribes against vaccination from Hubbardite writers in the ’50s. This isn’t new or atypical.

Here’s part of a diatribe from 1957:

As with similar modern diatribes, there’s a LOT of truth in the major point about public health and Big Pharma profit. BUT: Vaccination was KNOWN TO WORK long before Big Pharma came along, and vaccination STILL WORKS.

It’s genuinely hard to separate this one exception from the major rule, but we have to separate it if we want to survive.

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In 2021 I’d have to phrase the exception differently. It turns out that Hubbard and Hart were mainly correct. Vaccination still works for REAL viruses, but the REAL viruses are mostly extinct now. Polio and smallpox are gone, and measles is extremely rare. For the FAKE epidemic, vax has become just another addictive drug like all the “psychiatric” drugs, carefully designed to require constant and increasing doses to maintain your officially diagnosed “test” status. Hubbard was strongly and importantly correct about psychiatry and addiction, but used his correct analysis to replace psychiatry by his own form of addictive therapy.

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On Deepstate:

Several Aberree articles in the early 50s talked about FBI’s interest in Hubbard’s cult. FBI penetrated as usual, presumably intending to create “subversives” as usual. According to Hart, their agent failed to gain control of the organization and pulled out. A rumor claimed that the agent went crazy, but it’s not clear who was meant to benefit from the rumor.

Here I noted an episode of the official FBI radio program that was aimed at a thinly disguised Hubbard. An “Astral Control” cult is hypnotizing its followers and using them to perform crimes. The script openly approves the Hubbard character and openly mocks a friend of a cultist who is worried about the cult’s KIDNAPPING. (Remember, KIDNAPPING was supposedly FBI’s main jurisdiction.) The episode is clearly giving Hubbard a green light. Perhaps Hubbard managed to out-blackmail old Lady Edgar? Or perhaps the FBI agent DID take over, turning the cult into a tame Pied Piper for certain personality types?

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On MK Ultra:

A letter in the Nov 1955 Aberree mentions something written in another anti-Hubbard journal:

Relevant text: The vague reference to a ‘person or persons unknown’ feeding insanity-producing drugs, especially that tidbit of the psychiatrist of ‘russian origin’…

Since this is a vague reference to a vague reference, it’s hard to place in context, but the date and flavor lead me to think that rumors of MKULTRA were circulating in offbeat parts of the culture. MKULTRA was going strong in late ’55. The ‘russian origin’ strengthens the CIA connection since CIA has ALWAYS attributed its own demonic evil to ‘russian origin’.

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