Reviewing Aberree, part 5/7

Aberree on health foods and health fads, written in Oct 2017.

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Aberree provides a nice match-point for offbeet thoughts and products. Sometimes the modern version has become fashionable again, sometimes it remains equally dubious, sometimes it has become CRIMETHINK.

One product heard on all the second-string talk shows this year is beet juice. The show hosts are required to pretend that they use beet juice daily and gain all sorts of physical and spiritual virtues from it.

Let’s compare. Aberree, March 63:

All familiar and all wrong.

‘Organically grown’ was not a common phrase in 1963. Early adopter! Note the supposed superiority of ‘fiber removed’, along with ‘live, raw, unheated’. The offbeet view of 1963 has become the conventional view now, but it’s still wrong. Both disagree with recent actual science which hasn’t quite made it into modern conventional understanding.

We’re finally returning to an MUCH OLDER realization that removing the fiber removes the nutrition. Digestion requires work. If you don’t give the enzymes and gut bacteria some fiber to chew on, they won’t bother to digest the ‘pure’ chemicals for you.

The conventional idea that heating ruins nutrition is mostly wrong, but varies with types of food. In most cases cooking ‘opens up’ or creates nutrients through chemical reactions.

This is one case where Grandma (circa 1920) was already wrong. Great-grandma was more likely to have it right.

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In the era around 1960 when Aberree was active, I was strictly conventional and “scientific”, didn’t pay any attention to non-standard thoughts and products. The only new-agey product I knew about was Cosmic Disks. The father of one of my classmates sold them. Cosmic Disks looked like rose rocks, and were supposed to ‘reverse the counterclockwise vibrations’ of your water and food. Just right for Aberree, and sold in Kansas. I fully expected to find several Cosmic Disk dealers advertising in Aberree, perhaps including the one I knew. Nope. No mention of the product at all.

This ‘D-cell catalyst’ is the closest advertised product. Seems to have the same purpose but doesn’t sound like the same shape of object.

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Experimenting is a constant theme in Aberree. The authors write about their own experiments with devices, chemicals and techniques, and the advertisers invite experimentation. Compare with modern paid “scientists” who rarely talk about experimenting and NEVER invite people to try shit or experiment with techniques. Everything is locked down in advance. All results are known before the grant proposal is written. You are NOT allowed to experiment unless you have the correct degrees and credentials and licenses and NDAs and grants and ethics compliance boards and diversity compliance administrators and EPA stormtroopers watching and documenting every action.

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Note “locked down in advance”, and “stormtroopers”. Horribly prophetic.

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