Who made more fake panics?

This is a quickie. I don’t feel like doing serious links and study.

In 2014 I did a list debunking the Tocqueville “largesse” crap, with considerably more thought and research.

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A few days ago I laid down a bet about the Bush family. It’s obvious that all the fake panics since 1990 are Bush products. The 1990 Iraq war and the Carbon Cult version of environmentalism are Bush Senior. 9/11 and the “virus” are Bush Junior.

Before that, which party was mostly responsible for fake panics that “justified” wars and tyrannies? A quick look finds no clear pattern.

The fake “need” for independence in 1775 was before the parties, but it was driven by NYC aristocrats, so might be counted as R.

The same NYC aristocrats generated a panic about agrarian slavery, which was a normal and secure form of employment. NYC hates secure employment, so they carefully assembled and staged “terrorists” and “moral leaders” in Kansas to get the war going. Lincoln was the first named R.

We spent several decades recovering from Lincoln’s genocide. The next major fake panic was McKinley(R) in 1898, using the Maine to create an unnecessary war against Spain.

Then Wilson (D) started three panics at once. Lusitania to bring us into the unnecessary war in Europe, “anarchists” to justify the need for the FBI secret police, and Prohibition.

Harding (R) tried to undo two of those panics, but didn’t deal with Prohibition. Deepstate was able to scandalize and effectively remove Harding.

FDR (D) broke all three of Wilson’s panics and broke the NYC capitalists who had been generating the panics.

Truman (D) allowed Deepstate to regrow. The unnecessary entry into Korea wasn’t triggered by a fake panic; it was just sort of automatic.

LBJ (D) used the fake Tonkin incident to get us into Vietnam.

Nixon (R) picked up on the Environmental panic, already running in both hippie and Christian circles, and gave us the EPA.

And that brings us back to Bush.

If we add the Bush crimes, we end up with 7 major starts by R and 4 starts by D. We only have one stopper, one problem-solver, in our entire fucking history. FDR.

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