Reprint from March 2018.

I linked this item earlier. It’s worth a complete reprint. Note especially the five-letter word beginning with V.

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Via CNN demon:

When John Dowd quit this week as lead counsel on Trump’s legal team and the President made an effort to recruit “deep state” conspiracy theorist and conservative legal commentator Joseph diGenova to the team, the conclusion could only be that Trump wants to go to war against Mueller, using the tactics favored by his onetime mentor Roy Cohn.

In effect, the President wants to wage an aggressive, and probably dirty war, on the special counsel. Cohn, having died in 1986, isn’t available. But there may be other lawyers who can fill that role.
In the early years of his Manhattan real estate career, Trump was a protégé of Cohn’s ….

If CNN or anyone had really wanted to derail Trump, they would have published this fact during the 2016 campaign. Roy Cohn was the deepest of deepest of deepest of Deepstate monsters. Cohn is now CEO of Hades LLC after LBO’ing poor inadequate finitely evil Satan and driving poor Satan to suicide.

Everyone who understands Deepstate knows that Cohn was the ultimate virus, the ultimate parasite, the ultimate agent provocateur. He destroyed all opponents of Deepstate by penetrating and parasitizing them, turning them into intentionally crazy wacked-out mockeries of anti-tyrannical behavior.


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Trump was Cohn’s protege.

Tells you EVERYTHING in a few words. The ultimate final world-ending Self-Explanatory Sentence. Trump has taken over Cohn’s AP job. His purpose is to penetrate and parasitize opponents of Deepstate, turning them into intentionally crazy wacked-out mockeries of anti-tyrannical behavior.

The fact that CNN (and other demon media on “both” “sides”) DIDN’T announce this earlier tells us with equal certainty that the media demons WANT Trump as their official foil and official fool, and also tells us that Trump is a fully cooperating part of the infinitely evil game.

Later, after the initial shock wore off: Asking the converse question. Since Deepstate successfully avoided telling us earlier, why bother to tell us NOW? The answer to this one isn’t definite or obvious. Maybe because the fix is in, the transformation is complete? All of the fake populists among Trump’s advisers have been cleared out by blackmail and RUSSIANHACKING pressure and Mueller’s witch hunt. Bolton has shut and bolted the door on all conceivable efforts to commit peace. Total extermination of all Deplorables is firmly on course now, so you might as well let it all hang out. Unsatisfying answer. Maybe a better answer will appear later.

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Now it looks like the answer was complete and satisfying after all.

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