Demonically clever

The D side of Deepstate wasn’t able to take down DeSantis, for unknown reasons. Perhaps it’s practical politics. Half of Florida is NYC retirees and escapees, who are clearly happy to be living under a SANE governor. The D side didn’t want to offend those NYC types.

So they assigned Trump to do the job. He’s shooting from the other flank, calling DeSantis “gutless” for being the ONLY FUCKING GUTSY POLITICIAN IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY. Trump’s partisan bots will now denounce sanity and call for return to full lockdown.

Ultimate betrayal is of course Trump’s specialty. He was Roy Cohn’s boy toy, trained by the supreme betrayer.

Behind the curtains this is consistent, not paradoxical. The “virus” holocaust was a Republican project from the start, launched by GW Bush in 2005, planned and scheduled by R operatives in the “bioterror” departments of hell, and triggered by Trump in March 2020.

Trump allowed DeSantis to break away for a while, again for unclear reasons. Now he’s reasserting control of the REPUBLICAN HOLOCAUST while the Dems quietly cheer him.

Meanwhile, as I predicted on New Years Day, the Bush dynasty is blasphemously resurrecting. Cheney mystically rolls back the stone and shows up in Congress, where all the Ds touch his zombie flesh and kiss his poison ring. Soon we’ll see GW himself returning to public view, the Real King taking back power after years of pretenders and regents.

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