Caring is prelude to slaughter

Saagar is shocked at the horrible cruelty of an NBA billionaire who refuses to care about the fate of Uyghurs.

I have no sympathy or empathy for billionaires, but this one happens to be correct. It’s not natural to CARE about people who live halfway around the world. It’s natural to care about our family and friends and neighborhood.

When governments tell us to CARE about such distant people, we are being prepared for a war. We are being prepared to SLAUGHTER the people we “care” about.

This has happened hundreds of times, starting with Lincoln’s “caring” about slaves in 1860, and then Wilson’s “caring” about France and Belgium. After WW1 we learned the lesson for a while. Our politicians and media were appropriately UNCARING (ie tolerant) about the internal affairs of other countries.

The “caring” started up again in the ’50s, reaching a peak with Vietnam. Again we learned the lesson for a while, until Bush Senior instructed us to “care” about the Kurds in Iraq. After that, it’s been all “caring” and all slaughtering, in Iraq and Yugoslavia and Afghanistan and Syria and Libya and Ukraine.

We were supposed to CARE about the “rights” of women in Afghanistan. We proceeded to restore their “rights” by slaughtering them.

We don’t even KNOW if those people are really being abused. In most cases the “lack of rights” is just traditional culture. Muslims, like other serious religions, expect women to be modest. Most women prefer a protective culture. We attempted to remove their protection in Afghanistan. We failed after killing a million of them.

We only KNOW what the government tells us about them, which is always exaggerated if not totally false.

Saagar should know better. He’s firmly against endless war, and refuses to trust government information in most cases.

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