Corporate personhood

The fiction that a corporation is a person usually serves to make life easier for evil corporations. Judge Alsup takes it seriously.

First, reprinting from 2019.


In an age of infinitely fake outrage and fake action and fake every fucking thing, it’s hugely refreshing to see genuine RAGE by officials who HAVE THE POWER TO DO SOMETHING about the rage.

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William Alsup, The Only Legitimate Federal Judge, says:

“Usually a criminal on probation is forthcoming and admits what they need to admit. You haven’t admitted much,” Alsup told lawyers for the company at a hearing Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco.

“There’s a clear-cut pattern here: that PGE is starting these fires.”

Most important is what Judge Alsup DIDN’T say. He DIDN’T say “Global warming started these fires”, because Global Warming DIDN’T start these fires. PGE started these fires. It’s possible for a utility company to AVOID causing fires, as Avista has proved. PGE did not follow Avista’s example.

For the first fucking time in modern history, we are placing the blame for a weather-related event on the CORRECT CULPRIT.

It wasn’t RUSSIAN_MEDDLING or ALT_RIGHT MEDDLING or GLOBAL_WARMING or SMIRKING_WHITE_PRIVILEGE or any of those nonsensical mythical ENTITIES multiplied by Deepstate to create chaos and exterminate Deplorables and MISPLACE BLAME.

The fires were caused by PGE, and a Federal JUDGE placed the blame on PGE. Historic first. Unprecedented.

= = = = = END 2019 REPRINT.

At that time Alsup placed PGE on probation.

Now he has submitted a report on the unrepentant corporate PERSON:

Rehabilitation of a criminal offender remains the paramount goal of probation. During these five years of criminal probation, we have tried hard to rehabililate PGE. As the supervising distict judge, however, I must acknowledge failure.

While on probation, PGE has set at least 31 wildfires, burned nearly 1.5 million acres, burned 23,956 structures, and killed 113 Californians.

PGE has pled guilty to 84 manslaughter charges for its ignition of the 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County, is facing 5 felony and 28 misdemeanor charges from the 2019 Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, is facing pending involuntary manslaughter charges from the 2020 Zogg Fire in Shasta County, and is facing a civil suit by five counties from the 2021 Dixie Fire.

So for these five years, PGE has gone on a crime spree and will emerge from probation as a continuing menace to California.

HARDASS and personal.

At one time I pleaded for a more consistent use of corporate personhood. Judge Alsup is doing it!

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