Sputnik again

Randomly wandering again through the old Computers and Automation mags at Bitsavers. In 1956, ran into a single statistic that activated my Sputnik gene.


Average number of students in class:
USSR 19 or 20 and decreasing.
USA 34 or 35 and increasing.

= = = = =

I can verify that 35 was not just average, it was universal. I started elementary school in ’56, and all classes had 35 or 36 students. This was not a poor Appalachian village. This was Manhattan, a college town where professor parents strongly influenced the school board.

2020 finally caused most people to wake up to the EVIL POWER of the teachers union. The teachers union was the key to the 2020 holocaust. When Carter Mecher flipped the shutdown switch on March 11, he KNEW that the teachers union would instantly close schools EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME. After that, most businesses had to follow whether they wanted to or not. Later, both Biden and the CDC tried to reopen more schools, but Weingarten refused.

It’s mighty hard to be MORE NAZI AND MORE TORTUROUS AND MORE HOLOCAUSTAL THAN CDC, but Weingarten is up to the job. She joyfully closes schools at the drop of a sniffle, and strangles and tortures and waterboards the kids who are stuck in the open schools.

We need a Nuremberg.

The 1956 number reminds me that the EVIL POWER has been running for a

The teachers union constantly demands more funding and constantly receives more funding. At the same time, the teachers union maintains a MAXIMALLY SHITTY QUALITY in its product. Fads come and go. Shitty “science” theories come and go. Shitty “history” theories come and go.

The one thing that NEVER NEVER NEVER comes is Soviet-quality education, ie SKILL TRAINING.

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