Defensible Spaces review 2/6

The digital world is built on gang-style traps. After you join Facebook, you’re never out. Every subscription starts as free and then turns into a lifetime obligation. Every program “phones home” and forces daily “updates” to maintain maximum vulnerability and control. (Firefox popped up an update alert as I was typing the previous sentence!) You can’t even unsubscribe from stupid spam emails. You click ‘unsubscribe’ and nothing happens.

2020 created world-size traps in a horrible multi-front siege war of attrition. “Medical care” is mandatory since 2015, so you can’t break loose after the “doctor” reveals herself to be a Nazi torturer. In the Nazi states, every store is forced to maintain the same rules. You can’t escape from ballgags and needles by picking a different store. Moving from a Nazi state to a sane state is suddenly a lot more difficult because investors have bought up most of the houses and raised the rents and prices beyond your range.

= = = = =

Trust requires exit doors.

When you detect that you’re being tortured or cheated or fooled or disdained or led down the Pied Piper path, you should be able to get out easily and smoothly. You shouldn’t have to prove your case or provide documentation. Just stop paying and leave.

Substack’s monthly subscription breaks the digital rules and provides an easy exit door. I’ve used it several times when I felt a hint of sting or Agent Provocateur. One or two of those feelings may have been oversensitive, but after a lifetime of being fooled and betrayed I trust my feelings more than my feeble reason.

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