Defensible spaces review 6/6

Finishing this series with a potential answer and solution.

This line of thinking was inspired by the hail cannons and the cloud seeders.

Both of these technologies are forms of self-defense against weather. Both of them WORK. They don’t work perfectly or constantly, but they work VASTLY better than doing nothing at all.

Both are remarkably efficient in terms of energy and material used. Grelifuges use small acetylene explosions to turn hail into rain. Seeding uses about 4 pounds of silver iodide powder to create a substantial rainstorm. (The Cold Rain seeding used aircraft, which are highly inefficient; but it could now be done with electric drones. 4 pounds is an easy load for a drone.)

Both have been disdained and deleted by official “science” for a long time.

We’re seeing the same disdain and deletion now for ordinary immunity. Our immune systems are forms of self-defense. They don’t work perfectly, but they take care of most viruses most of the time. Vaccines help them deal with a few especially deadly and contagious viruses like measles and smallpox. Immunity has no cost at all, except the discipline of living a relatively healthy life. Sunlight, exercise, proper food, confidence, work, sleep. Vaccines are a microscopic dose of weakened virus, applied once or twice in a lifetime.

Where does the solution start?

Let’s put together a broad set of equivalences, starting with the idea that Natural Law is meant to provide an INHIBITORY response or NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for Deplorables against Insatiables.

How do you get from order to chaos and death? Positive feedback. Exponential functions. Wanting everything.

How do you restore and maintain order? Negative feedback. Tanh functions. Wanting something.

Positive feedback people = Insatiables.

Negative feedback people = Deplorables.

In a HEALTHY culture both forces are always present. The Sorosian side of the world is no longer healthy or survivable because the inhibitory side has been eliminated and outlawed.

Natural Law is explicitly about strengthening NF and suppressing PF. Sharia does it smartly by harnessing the PF people to serve the NF people and vice versa.

The Parkinsonian agency or NGO, the ‘War On’, is the classic excitatory input, self-generating positive feedback. Make more problems to justify more budget, use more budget to make more problems. War On Terror makes more terror. War On Poverty makes more poverty. War On Drugs makes more drugs. War On Virus makes more virus.

What’s the opposite of WarOn?

The opposite of WarOn is SELF-DEFENSE at all levels, physical and commercial and informational. SELF-DEFENSE is the organizational equivalent of inhibitory synapses and negative feedback.

A charter for self-defense would include these items:

1. You should be free to own and use physical weapons and walls, and use your own mental and physical immunity, to defend your PROPERTY and BODY and SOUL against criminals and governments.

2. You should be free to own and use cyberweapons and cyberwalls and pre-Disney copyrights to defend your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY from thieves and monopolies and governments.

3. You should be able to defend your CAPITAL and BUSINESS against monopolies and hostile takeovers and aggressive lawsuits and arbitrary confiscation.

4. You should be able to defend your SKILL against skill-thieves like schools and universities and innovative disrupters like Uber.

5. Cities should be able to defend their SOVEREIGNTY against black-robed demons, and to defend their people against forcible invasions of migrants and criminals by higher levels of government.

6. Governments and common carriers should not be allowed to eliminate INFORMATION needed for self-defense.

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