Defensible Spaces review 5/6

I revisited the Del Giudice theme in April 2020 at the start of the full state of siege, but before ballgags were required.

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Other commentators have been noticing lots of intense dreams during this insane period of total satanic control. They attribute it to the isolation.

I’ve also been having intense dreams, but can’t blame the physical change. In terms of time spent outside, my life was already in semi-lockdown mode for the last 20 years. Introverts never go to large gatherings, and I gave up restaurants for frugality. I work from home, leave home for about one hour each day. Groceries three days a week, neighborhood walk four days. This hasn’t changed at all. The experiences have changed, as the bus system and stores adopt Martial Law procedures. And of course the overall perception of what’s happening has changed drastically.

The dreams fit the Del Giudice conjecture nicely. All of them are in strange places, extremely complex and puzzling places. Lots of big-city buildings, wide railroad areas, unbridged chasms, signs and people moving around. I’m lost and can’t figure out how to get back. Where’s my car? Where’s the bus line?

This isn’t unique; previously some intense dreams were in places like this, but most were inside semi-familiar houses or workplaces. Sometimes an improved version of my own house, often semi-familiar Enid places.

Reviewing my version of the Del Giudice idea:

Many parasites try to control the host’s behavior. The most horrible example is the fungus that takes over an ant, turning it into a seed pod that walks up to the top of a plant and explodes. Most viruses alter the host’s behavior in more subtle ways. Familiar example is chicken pox, which digs into the nerves and pounces years later, causing pain or paralysis.

This type of attack has been going on for millions of years, so it makes sense that the brain and nervous system would have developed electronic countermeasures.

A separate mental space during illness would be an excellent way to protect normal memories and decisions when under attack. The memories and decisions formed while the parasite is in control are outside the regular space, thus not affecting the regular space.

How is this space formed? I have only a vague semi-guess. I doubt that the brain opens up a special room or nucleus. More likely it’s a different tuning, a different carrier modulating the signal.

An extremely complex mental space, a big city with lots of details, is calculated to discombobulate the parasite’s vectors, hack its GPS.

One thing I might expect, but haven’t seen yet, is an internal attempt to defend logic and grammar against the satanic influences of government and culture. The dreams include a lot of talk, but none of it is strange talk.

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