The Brahmin solution

How do we prevent the next round of torture and genocide?

We know that we’ll never get a Nuremberg, because there is no Allied side in this war. Tanzania and Florida aren’t big enough to win the war and hold the trial.

The best counterforce, oddly enough, seems to be India. Not the government of India, but Indian people who have gradually risen to positions of power and influence in USA and Europe.

This counterinfluence has been clearly visible among the MDs (Mengele Demons). Roughly 99.9% of MDs are enthusiastic torturers and mass murderers. The few dozen publicly visible exceptions mainly have Indian names.

We’re also seeing the countervector in a few “elections” because the “two” “parties” haven’t figured out how to squash it yet. Normally the “parties” work together to factor out genuine opposition. Youngkin won Virginia because the Indians among the DC bureaucrats were pissed off at school closures and “affirmative action” idiocy. A few days ago, SAN FRANCISCO of all places successfully removed three school board members who had been pushing the same “affirmative action” along with all the usual Woke crap. Again it was the wealthy and influential Indian immigrants who pushed the recall over the top.

In tech and banking and “medicine”, elite Jews are quickly being replaced by elite Indians, whose traditional culture hasn’t yet been elitized and effetized. Dems haven’t figured this out yet.

Other parts of the Dem coalition are equally traditional. Mexicans and Blacks are strongly Christian, with old-fashioned and accurate ideas about gender and family life. But this is not new, and the Dem method of bribery via NGOs still works on those groups. It doesn’t work with wealthy high-caste Indians.

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