Not a paradox

Another pithy paradox from Kirn:

The tools and techniques of the new tyranny were devised and developed in the lab of freedom. They owe their very existence to the liberties they’re being deployed to end. Reap the harvest, burn the farm. Gain the education, destroy the school. This is madness absolute. And doomed.

It’s not really a paradox or a contradiction if you look at it without the lens of theory. The actions of psychopaths are not ‘tools and techniques’. They’re part of the genotype of psychopaths. Evil people have done the same things for a million years, and evil people in positions of power have been inventing “systems “and “liberties” to shortcircuit our natural immunity to their power.

Look at 1789 for the clearest view. Liberty, equality, fraternity. Slogans that enabled DOCTOR Marat to torture and kill all of Europe.

The torture wasn’t created by the slogans. The torture was created by DOCTOR Marat, who ALSO created the slogans.

The current holocaust does offer one genuine innovation. For the first time the demons are shortcircuiting PHYSICAL immunity with strangulation and distancing and sleep loss and sun deprivation and diet deficiencies and exercise deprivation and unnecessary vaccines, while blowing the fuses on our MENTAL immunity with sensory deprivation and cultural chaos and endless fake details and fake arguments about unnecessary entities.

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