Anechoic reprint

Time for a reprint from a few months ago. Not so much because the watchers are watching again; mostly because I’ve been impressed again by the ANTI-echo qualities of Youtube and Facebook’s “suggestions”. When I watch realistic economists like Patrick Boyle, Youtube insists on feeding me strict establishment economists like Friedman. When I watch realistic and empathetic 1930s comedy movies, Youtube insists on feeding me strict establishment comedy like Rodney Dangerfield and Johnny Carson. Youtube always wants to steer me away from realism.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Social media is constantly described as an echo chamber where you hear only similar voices.

This is false in two ways.

(1) Most media algorithms take SPECIAL CARE to insure that you hear the official line. If the algo thinks you’re a Trumptard, the algo ‘suggests’ Pelosi and AOC. If the algo thinks you’re an anti-vaxer, you’re blasted with the latest from Demon Fauci.

(2) When several people are inside a real echo chamber they can HEAR EACH OTHER. Social media is deaf. Nobody is listening. Whether your output is true or false, interesting or boring, it goes nowhere.

So the better analogy is an ANECHOIC CHAMBER. These are part of every acoustics lab. The chamber is lined with foam triangles designed to absorb all available wavelengths in all directions.

Each user is encased in a private anechoic chamber. You think you’re talking to your friends of the same side, but in fact you’re not emitting or receiving any actual information.

Only the monitors at GoogleAppleNSA are listening.

= = = = = = END REPRINT.

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