The Kenny solution

The old Kenny Rogers song offers the solution for many problems.

Holdem = stay in the game.

Foldem = Pause and wait for next deal.

Walkaway = leave the table.

When you’re in a casino where all the dealers are known to be cheaters, you’ll never be able to out-cheat them. Leave. Find a different casino or a different way of spending your money and time.

The media are experiencing a SUDDEN mass walkaway, and it’s starting to have an effect. CNN and MSNBC are firing and losing executives and personalities, but so far they don’t seem to grasp the problem.

Churches and colleges are experiencing a slower mass walkaway. No obvious changes yet. After 20 years of steady decline, they haven’t grasped the problem. Might be unsalvageable.

A smaller situation inside colleges hasn’t been walkawayed yet.

Trannies are cheaters. Everyone knows they’re cheaters. But so far the non-cheaters are pointlessly and weakly complaining to the authorities, who are the biggest cheaters of all. In this case the solution would be perfectly simple and fast. If ALL the non-cheaters walkaway and find other places to exercise their swimming or running or gymnastic skills, the cheaters will be the only people in the pool or the field. They can try to maintain the fiction that it’s a real competition, but with only cheaters on the field, nobody will bother to watch. It doesn’t matter if the authorities keep the competition going or not.

The non-cheaters need to ask the same question that many parents and students have asked and answered about churches and colleges. Is this activity necessary or helpful for me? Where does it lead? Am I going to have a lucrative but short career as a professional swimmer?

The answer is obviously NO. Professional swimmers don’t even exist. There’s no National Swimming League, no Monday Morning Lifeguards. So stop betting on a guaranteed loss and spend more time on activities that WILL lead to paid employment.

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