The muddlers are worse than the cancellers 2

Following from here.

This morning the anti-cancellers are weeweed up about:

Apparently it wasn’t a real cancel, just a postponement of class coverage, so again this is more muddling than cancelling.

Fact: FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS A MYTH. Censorship is permanent and normal.

If you go back 1000 years in Russia and in England/America, you’ll see periods of relative looseness and periods of total strictness.

The Russian baseline is stricter than the English baseline. Russians expect their rulers to get rid of opposition, and their rulers do it more often and more massively than our rulers.

The departures from baseline happen at about the same frequency in both traditions, but not simultaneously. Our strictest rulers were Lincoln, Wilson, Truman, LBJ, and the Bush dynasty. We don’t chop heads, but we UnPerson heretics CONSTANTLY, we imprison heretics OFTEN, and we suicide the more serious heretics OCCASIONALLY.

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