Never paranoid enough

More leaks about Francis Collins, who turns out to be a psychopathic demon in the same class as Fauci.

The lesson here isn’t really about Collins. He’s identical to all demons in positions of power. The lesson is for followers who try to find “opposition” or “lesser evils” among the demons. There is no opposition. There are no lesser demons. Absolutely everyone in the Federal government is maximally infinitely evil beyond imagining or measurement.

The lesson is for me. I’m never paranoid enough. I always grasp at straws, trying to find bright spots in the demonic pantheon. Back in 2009 I was admiring Collins and hoping he would “reform” the evil. I wrote:

You won’t find a clearer or more rigorous mind anywhere near the halls of power, and I fervently hope he can stay in office. The usual crowd of Scientists, i.e. wild-eyed anti-human genocidal murderous blood-sucking altarboys of Mother Planet Gaia, are lined up against him.

I’m fooled every fucking time by these fakers. He knew how to play the old “two sides” game to move up the ladder. The other side also knew how to play the game and knew that Collins would be a highly talented addition to their torture chamber.

The only thing that matters is action. Collins was appointed, which means he was known to be a demon. He stayed in office for 20 years, which means he was a highly effective demon. If he had been a genuine opponent of the monsters he wouldn’t have been considered at all.

Admittedly I’ve learned a little bit since 2009. I was still phaselocked to TV then, still following the fake “right-wing” talkers and hating the fake “left-wing” talkers. After I tossed the TV in 2011 my rational paranoia, initially acquired in 1969, gradually returned. It’s not strong enough yet.

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