What kind of game?

What kind of game is Jeffrey Tucker playing? He had a handle on the BIG STORY about Carter Mecher, and then let it fade out. Every time he aims for the truth he halts before striking the nail and says “We’ll leave that for next time.”

Here he is again, calling out the intellectuals and experts who knew the story and didn’t speak out. And then he says that it’s not yet time to name them.

He calls out Chomsky, who was a reliable truth-teller about Vietnam but followed the Deepstate line on “virus”. Not quite the same thing. Different people have different expert areas and blind areas. Chomsky never claimed to be an expert or a truth-teller on this particular war. Tucker does claim to be a truth-teller on this subject, and then pulls back before finishing the job.

Goddamn it, you know the whole story. Tell the whole story.

= = = = =

Tucker’s game reminds me of a game that Tulsi and Bernie were playing in 2019. They were passing resolutions calling on Deepstate to reveal facts about Saudi involvement in 9/11.

Cowards. They knew the facts. They had read the full report. They also knew that Deepstate would never reveal anything. Resolutions are totally meaningless.

Congressmonsters have a unique legal privilege. They can read anything they want into the record, and can’t be prosecuted by other parts of government even if the text is secret. Mike Gravel used this privilege in 1971 to bring Vietnam secrets into the open. He was politically and culturally ‘punished’, but never prosecuted or suicided.

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