Is this a new trend?

In my WPA series I mentioned that the Post Office formerly provided banking services, which were heavily used by poor people because the PO was more convenient and less snobbish than actual banks.

Via Vice mag, Congress has just passed a law that will IMPROVE the post office, allowing it to offer a range of government services again.

The main point of the law is to undo a nasty trick that Congress played in 2006. Repooflicans hate the post office because it serves poor people. So they saddled the post office with a pension pre-payment obligation that no other agency or corporation has to pay. The PO was being dragged down toward bankruptcy until online shopping gave it a new life with ‘last mile’ delivery. Now the PO serves LORD UBERMENSCH BEZOS, so it’s OK with Repoofs.

The new flexibility apparently doesn’t include postal banking yet, but we can hope for further expansion.

This law is important in a broader way. It’s the first time in 30 years that Congress has REPAIRED its own previous damage. This isn’t quite the same as positively solving problems, but at least it’s Ctrl-Zing a previous unsolve.

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