We need a Nuremberg.

I was stupidly hoping that TSA would actually keep their promise this time. Back in August they extended the ballgags until March 18, 2022. In January they reconfirmed March 18. As the deadline approached, I prayed and hoped that they wouldn’t push it out again.

Hope is poison in Hell. NAZI TORTURERS never keep a promise. Psychopaths never keep a promise.

Today, just 8 days before the deadline, they extended it to April 18.

We need a SUPER NUREMBERG. ALL federal employees, MOST governors, ALL mayors, ALL public health employees, and all MDs (except the three or four who openly told the truth) need to be tortured and executed. NOW.

= = = = =

Addendum: According to various comments, the Stewardess Union is responsible for keeping the ballgags in all TSA-controlled torture chambers. The Teachers Union was responsible for keeping schools closed when even CDC was trying to open schools. So I’ll place union leaders at the head of the execution list. It’s hard to be MORE NAZI than Federal officials, but union leaders are up to the job.

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