Deeper itch

After randomly mentioning Tablet Magazine and Kirn yesterday, I ended up watching this long and splendid interview again. Kirn and Liel Leibovitz are talking to young elites who are just now realizing they’ve been swindled by their own leaders. The solution is to fuck the Establishment and find your own way.

Kirn’s praise for the Beat Generation made me itchy the first time I watched the interview. I dismissed the Beats as unoriginal, and pointed to more obscure and more original movements at the same time.

Watching the same interview again, I remembered a much deeper problem with the Beats, and I have a fairly unique viewport into this problem.

Problem: Beat was CIA.

My viewport was a coworker at an OKC motel in the late ’70s.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

In the late ’70s I worked briefly as evening-shift clerk in the Sooner Inn, a low-budget motel in OKC. (Briefly because I was also trying to attend OU in Norman, and the commuting to OKC had to stop when my car broke down. I quickly found a much better night job within the university, so the breakdown turned out to be a good thing.) The overnight clerk was a somewhat older man named Tom, who had an extremely interesting biography. Tom’s mother had been part of the Beat Generation at its peak, closely associated with leftist luminaries like Kerouac, Ginsberg, and dos Passos. [This was verified by a mention of his mother in a biography of dos Passos.] Tom remembered those men as “uncle figures”, though they were actually his mother’s lovers. As an adult, Tom had worked in NY investment banks; he had some kind of breakdown or burnout, and ended up in OKC for reasons that were never quite specified. He had also spent some time in Eastern Europe, and had interesting stories from that period.

Much later, I read Buckley’s spy novels, and was amazed to find Tom’s life story, exactly as he had told it to me, serving as the ‘cover story’ for one of Buckley’s CIA spy characters.

Since then I’ve wondered: did Buckley know Tom? Was Tom’s story real or a CIA standard cover story? Was Tom just an interesting leftist or a spy? Or a double agent? If double agent, did that account for his sudden ‘burnout’ and removal to a low-level motel job? Hall of mirrors for sure.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

The lesson is important.

All organized movements are sponsored by Deepstate.

When a movement is highlighted by media and culture, it’s fake. It’s an Agent Provocateur, a Pied Piper. Don’t join any organized and famous movement. You will end up serving Deepstate one way or another.

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