Partial answer to Harding question

I’ve been asking over and over how we got OUT of perpetual war and Deepstate tyranny in 1920. From 1920 to 1940, Deepstate was NOT creating “terrorist” groups, and both the media and the government were firmly non-interventionist. Harding started the trend and FDR solidified it.

How was Deepstate suppressed?

Deepstate has three legs: (1) Intel and blackmail; (2) Wall Street; (3) “leftist” activists and NGOs.

Here’s an answer that makes some sense, and it fits perfectly into the Sharia way of controlling psychopaths.

Two of the legs are obvious.

Prohibition kept Lady Edgar busy running her highly profitable gang, competing with the Italian and Jewish gangs for control of the black market. She didn’t have time to blackmail innocent young men into “terrorist” activities.

The boom kept Wall Street so busy and profitable that it didn’t feel the need to destroy small businesses. Instead, small businesses were allowed to flourish.

The activists are less obvious. Without encouragement and funding from Lady Edgar, they were just writing and drinking and dancing. Drinking was “illegal”, so it satisfied their need for rebellion. (Inadequate answer.)

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