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There’s more than meets the eye in every story, and “journalists” rarely get down to the real story. This has ALWAYS been true; it’s vastly worse in the current purely partisan era. This is ESPECIALLY true in every firing of a teacher or executive. There’s always a real reason behind the “ideology” or “sexual harassment” crap. The real reason is always particular and personal, but bureaucrats can’t list personal reasons on a form.

A beautiful but unintentional example in twitter today. The OP was highlighting the story to show the idiocy of cancelling in general.

A rural school district in Mississippi was taking part in a Zoom call for National Reading Day. The teacher pulled out a book that his kids enjoyed, and read it over the Zoom call. The book had stuff about farts and butts. He was called into the superintendent’s office and fired because parents might complain.

Parents didn’t actually complain; they liked the book and liked the teacher and disapproved the firing.

Most of the commenters mocked Mississippi, which is exactly what the “journalist” wanted them to do. This mocking is perfectly wrong in every possible way. The parents IN MISSISSIPPI didn’t like the cancelling, and most cancelling comes from the same elite fuckheads who look down on Mississippi.

One commenter who actually lived in the area provided the REAL story. This particular school previously had “issues” with teachers, something more important than reading the wrong book. So they were hypersensitive about potential lawsuits.

A real reporter would have interviewed enough people to get the REAL story, and would then have skipped the entire incident. Nothing important happened, just a school learning from experience and guarding its interests.

The only reason for publishing the FAKE story is to stir up Yankee hatred against Dixie, which is already maximum now that Dixie has been exposing the “virus” hoax for two fucking years.

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