Opposite of news

In previous item I made a note about my attempt to favor information and avoid repeating the repeated. This shouldn’t be strange; this is exactly what our nervous system does at all levels. Find and focus on the new and unusual.

The old definitions of news were also natural. The word itself is just a genitive form of new. ‘Man bites dog’ is another way of saying the same thing. Don’t waste time and neurons by telling people about the ambient constant situation; just tell the variables.

Social media work the opposite way. Google and FB always push the ambient. The most popular and orthodox view or product or influencer goes to the top. Even in a non-entertainment and non-political situation, FB always favors the favored.

On the Spokane News page, Vicki is ALWAYS there with hopes and prayers for every accident or fire. She’s so ambient that the one time she DIDN’T get there, people asked Where’s Vicki?

FB insures that Vicki is the only comment we see. We have to click 5 or 6 times to get down to the non-ambient stuff, and even then we can’t see comments in time order. FB’s popularity order is inescapable.

This is NOT an echo chamber. It’s a deliberate attempt to prevent echoes and conversations. It’s a positive feedback loop, which is anti-natural and LETHAL.

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