Invulnerable India

Today’s little news item continues a LONG-running theme that doesn’t seem to get much attention. India is buying lots of Russian oil despite our self-destructive sanctions. We aren’t sanctioning India for breaking our sanctions.

In the “virus” holocaust I’ve been noticing that many of the heroic dissidents within the “medical” community are from India. They haven’t been silenced or fired.

Indians are gradually taking over the banking world from Jews, and quickly taking over the tech world from the Waspish Wealthy Weirdos who founded it. Nobody is calling them anti-Semitic for replacing the Jews.

This has been going on since the end of WW2. India always played both sides between US and USSR, profited from the game, and didn’t get bombed or punished for it. India has been running a perpetual low-level war against Pakistan in Kashmir since 1947, and we’ve never tried to intervene on either side.


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