One-way echo

An experience from a truth-teller:

Had coffee with an old mentor & friend last week – someone I’d fallen out of touch w prior to Covid. He asked how I am & I told him when I came out against school closures/lockdowns, I was derided, shunned, fired, disinvited, threatened, called names & spit on.

He was stunned.

How could anyone be stunned? How could the deriders and shunners and firers and disinviters and threateners fail to notice what they’re doing? Perhaps he’s just lying, but if not….

Ah. NOW I SEE. The echo chamber works one way. Earlier I had doubted the echo-chamber effect, because FB and Youtube don’t echo my tastes. They force-feed me with fashionable lies. But I misinterpreted the mechanism. It’s not an opposite-generator, it’s just a constant repetition of fashionable lies NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY.

I was thinking of this mechanism, like a lever:

Input: Truth – – – Output: Lies.
Input: Lies – – – Output: Truth.

When placed in tabular form, it’s obviously wrong.

In fact it’s not a mechanism at all. It’s just a single output no matter what you input. It’s a hard-wired constant, not a function of the input.

Input: Truth – – – Output: Lies.
Input: Lies – – – Output: Lies.

If everything you say is fashionable, you think you’re in an echo chamber. If everything you say is unfashionable, you never hear an echo.

This is simply an external implementation of a basic fact of human nature about popular vs unpopular people.

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