More on the converse hoax rule

Another reprint from 2016-2017. Seems like I was on a roll then, before the “virus” holocaust derailed my mind.

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Here’s a rule that runs parallel to the poker/sucker thing. I never understood the poker/sucker thing because I don’t gamble. I understand this rule. Most likely nobody else will, but fuck it.

Background: Traps, whether cults or bubbles or protests, thrive on the Magician’s Secret. The enemy and destroyer of traps is


Show your motives and your goals and your mechanisms.

So here’s my version of poker/sucker:

If your leaders (government, media, corporate) can’t or won’t explain what they’re doing, they’re setting a trap. If you can’t explain what you’re doing, you’re IN a trap.

Showing my work: In the ’69 protests our gurus were clearly working for the D party, not for Peace and Justice. They encouraged us hippies to protest the war AND to campaign for standard pro-war D candidates. The gurus never explained this conflict; we were supposed to trust their “strategy” and “necessary compromises”. Later, when I was discussing the whole mess with people who hadn’t been involved in the Sixties, I found that I couldn’t explain my actions. I could only come up with vague words like hope.

More on the non-explaining style.

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