Not what BVM meant

Zuhlsdorf catches a revealing inconsistency in Bergoglio’s fake “peace” consecration.

Bergoglio is following Deepstate as always, obeying NSA and CIA and Wall Street. He’s attempting to treat Russia and Ukraine as historically separate because Deepstate wants to separate them.

When Mary called for the consecration of Russia through the Fatima girls, she meant the constant and complete Russia, not a variable remnant of Russia. Through most of the history of the Church, including the time of the Fatima girls, Ukraine was an indistinguishable part of Russia…. except in the earliest centuries when Russia was an indistinguishable part of Ukraine.

Germany has always wanted a variable Russia, without Ukraine and Belarus and the Baltics. Hitler fought to pull Ukraine away from Russia, and Hitler’s modern “viral” descendants are doing the same thing.

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