Somehow regenerate

Kirn’s latest pithy point:

All the great histories agree: the world is very used to being ruined. That’s what it does best, in fact. Endlessly absorb ruination & then somehow regenerate the orderly conditions necessary for the next ruination.

True before 2020.

Life creates order and beauty.

Psychopaths create chaos and horrible ugliness and ruination and mass death and torture.

Life recovers after tornados and bombs and volcanos and psychopaths.

Before 2020 demons appeared from time to time in various parts of the world. Some demons like Genghis and Attila and Napoleon managed to take over significant parts of the world for limited periods, but the norm was localized acute genocides like Lincoln and Pol Pot and Idi Amin.

2020 doesn’t approach the large-scale death toll of WW2 or the localized high-percentage death toll of Lincoln or Amin.

WW2 covered about half of the world, but the Americas and the southern half of Africa were out of the action.

2020 is the first time in history when a small group of extreme demons managed to subdue and ruin the entire fucking world.


Regeneration from TOTAL ruination will be much harder.

In Nature and in human society, regeneration must start from an undamaged area. After a hard winter or a windstorm, undamaged grass and trees gradually fill in the dead spots. After WW2, recovery was funded and assisted by the undamaged US. There are no undamaged nations this time. China is still in full lockdown mode, holding the line while its subsidiary demons like Demon Newsom and Demon Inslee give their victims a brief reprieve. The next “wave” of the “virus” will soon “arrive” from China, “requiring” total destruction again.

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