Putting UFOs onto the timeline

Two very different men with the same initials.

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Alphia Hart mentioned the UFO craze often, and not only because it was a kindred unorthodox spirit. Hart’s specific mission was debunking the Hubbard cult, which is based on a wild story about alien contacts.

Now that I know some of the ‘big names’ in the UFO crowd, I went back to the Aberree source and looked for mentions of those names. There are a few, such as this article by Riley Crabb. Crabb is in the Connors tapes, and he mentions several other ‘big names’ in the article.

Overall, Hart’s tone was the same as the pro-science side, trying to filter out the hucksters and cults while listening to the low-status oddballs who had SEEN SOMETHING.

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Allen Hynek was a pivotal figure who didn’t quite pivot. He was a high-status astronomer who made the mistake of observing Nature instead of observing government commands. Deepstate gave him the usual harsh interrogation and discrediting treatment. He flipped from helping Deepstate to helping the truth-tellers, but he couldn’t bring himself to distrust the government and trust oddballs. His status fence was still intact.

The history of Hynek’s generation explains this difficulty. WW1, and Wilson’s total tyranny using WW1 as “justification”, taught many people the truth about evil rulers. Prohibition helped to maintain a healthy skepticism for 20 years, and then FDR gave ordinary people a specific reason to TRUST the government, including government experts.

In 1947 when the UFOs started to appear, Deepstate was also starting to emerge from its richly deserved grave. Deepstate played both sides in the UFO craze as usual, censoring and ruining the truth-tellers while funding and organizing fake cults to make the truth-tellers look horrible.

Many of these people had grown up in the exceptional ’30s when the Feds were creating trust by creating work and parks and schools and dams and skills. They were blindsided by the sudden return of the Machiavellian norm.

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