Best of the bunch

Two of the best interviews from the Connors UFO audio are from the mid-60s after most of the hoopla had died down. Despite the lack of hoopla, a lot of ‘undismissable’ incidents were happening in ’65 across large parts of the world.

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(1) Ray Fowler of the Boston-area NICAP was interviewed on a local morning talk show. Fowler was pure Boston. He identified the organization as the National Investigative Committee for Aerial Phenomenerrrrrr. Like most independent thinkers in the ’50s and ’60s, he wasn’t fooled by Deepstate’s fake competition of capitalism vs communism.

The host asked if UFOs are appearing in Russia. Fowler answered: “Russians are also seeing UFOs. The Russian authorities tell their people that UFOs are just capitalist propaganderrrr. The US authorities tell our people that UFOs are just communist propaganderrrr.”

Modern independents are much less independent. They diverge from Deepstate on ‘permissible’ issues but converge solidly to KILL RUSSIA when Deepstate hits the Russierrrr button.

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(2) An interview with Sister Ann Jude, a chemistry prof at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. This was apparently part of a ‘promo disk’ distributed to radio stations by the college. Sister Ann wasn’t affiliated with any organizations, she was just interested in the subject, and showed how science and religion can work together when politics doesn’t get in the way.

Host: What has been the overall impact of these reports on religion?

Sister Ann: Some of the contactee groups have come up with these far-out or kooky religions. Here in California we seem to draw more of these than usual. [eg Hubbard]

Host: If it were proven that these visitors are indeed from outer space, how would that affect your conception of religion and God?

Sister Ann: [cautiously] It would present many interesting theological questions…. But we do expect that in our vast universe, that there are other civilizations.

Host: Can this be reconciled with the God of an infinite universe?

Sister Ann: [Passionately] Oh yes.

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Later thought: Would a modern “Catholic” college like Gonzaga send out promo clips of a professor opposing the Fauci “virus” hoax, or even a professor tacitly allowing Russia to exist? Especially now that Bergoglio has abolished the Just War doctrine so we can nuke Russia without sinning.

And later again: Immaculate Heart was not an ordinary college by any standard. It was involved in the usual California hippie shit. In ’68 the Cardinal gave the nuns an ultimatum: Conform or leave. Nearly all of the faculty left and formed a ‘community’, which still exists. They’re standard Woke, hitting all the correct Room 101 points as of the current picosecond. Pro-Fauci, anti-Trump, pro-immigrantx, pro-LBGTLQQ2QFJIX, etc. I don’t see anything about Russia or Ukraine in their rather sparse social media output, but they’re strictly in line with DNC and CIA and NSA and DOD and Wall Street on all other issues. True hippie rebels.

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