So what’s my guess?

Branching from previous item on command/fact pairs….

For a brief period last year, Deepstate was preferring the believer side of the UFO question. (Deepstate always runs organizations on both sides, but this was a switch of preference.)

NASA presented some sightings in an attempt to gin up yet another fake “threat” requiring “protection”. It fell flat, probably because we’re too busy trying to survive the “virus” hoaxocaust.

Now they’ve found the sweet spot with good old KILL RUSSIA. Much less confusing for the People Who Count. Media and Experts were accustomed to dismissing UFOs, so they couldn’t make the sudden pivot. Media and Experts have been hating Russia for 100 years. They know how to play this game.

Last year’s government-sponsored sightings were not convincing. They looked to me like flies on the camera lens. In an era of CGI deepfakes, anyone could do better. Were they intended to fail? Seems too complicated, but possible.

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What’s my guess about the more convincing UFOs of previous decades?

The one common factor in the believable reports is electric charge. Car ignitions failed, light bulbs flickered, some power systems failed. People felt a variety of symptoms that resembled high-frequency focused waves, ie Diathermy. Dogs and horses inside buildings could sense the objects from a distance.

Electric fields can create complex visual impressions in the human brainstem without showing up on a camera.

Another common factor, the sudden moves, would also fit a controlled charge vortex. A field is massless, and can accelerate in any direction instantly.

In other words, it’s all ball lightning. Some of the ball lightning appeared in unlikely places and moved in unnatural ways. Those objects may have been located and moved by remote command. Perhaps they were controlled by an intersection of waves, or perhaps there was a very small physical object inside the ball.

Where was the control? Our Deepstate, not Mars or Venus. The sightings started at the same time when Deepstate was taking control of “science” and technology. Good old 1946. What was the purpose? Spying on the peasants. If you’re going to debug new spy tech, you want to start in remote areas, not big cities. Only a few observers, and it’s much easier to tinfoil hicks and hillbillies.

Why did they fade out after 1965? Spy satellites took over the visual part of the job without scaring the peasants. Then the web started in ’68, enabling total monitoring of movements and thoughts.

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