Talk to them. Let them talk to you.

Random thought, partly repetitive, returning to the subject of communicating with other planets.

Before 1920 most professional scientists (including Darwin) were deists. They believed in purpose, even if Galileo had weakened the hold of purpose on physics. Most scientists were fascinated by the possibility of life elsewhere, and several (including Marconi and Tesla) tried to converse with Mars and Venus. Both of them thought they heard a reply, but the description sounds to me like induction from telegraph wires, which were everywhere in 1899. Telegraph systems used the ground as one side of the circuit, so there would be a complex signal-like delta between the ground and your receiving antenna even if there were no wires nearby.

The Navy set up a more serious radio-telescope in 1924, using a mirror-and-film oscillograph for readout. They saw some interesting patterns that suggested faces. Again there’s no reason to assume Venus. Various types of facsimile have been around since 1848. The German Hellschreiber was especially common then, both wired and wireless. The sync pattern of the Hellschreiber would have fitted the oscillograph pretty well.

Politics invaded this range of thought in ’46 with the Klaatu theme. (Needless to say, 1946 was the date when demonic politics invaded and infected EVERYTHING, especially science.)

Klaatu: We made the A-bomb, so there must be better people on some other planet. The theme retained its emotion but changed its target. Now it says: We have Republicans, so there must be better people elsewhere.

Religion was NOT always connected. In ’65 several of the leading UFO speakers were explicitly Catholic, including Ray Fowler and Sister Ann Jude. They saw a broader variety of life in the universe as broader evidence of God’s greatness.

Now Catholics seem to be stuck on human exclusivity.

And of course all establishment “scientists” are ferociously opposed to all purpose-based thinking, not just deism. Everything must be random quantum particles because chaos is the BURNING BURNING NEED of psychopaths. Purpose is the worst of all sins, and purpose centered on creativity is way beyond sinful.

What if the establishment finally connects with Alpha Centauri and finds a purely Aristotelian and purely spiritual civilization, like my imagined charge critters? Will they learn anything? Not even worth asking.

If we assume (part 2)

I’ve been imagining that the ‘standard’ UFOs were living things and their equipment. An ancient tribe of small winged humans developed a technology based on waves and electric fields. They weren’t limited by theories of atomism and particles, so they figured out how to materialize and dematerialize. They continued existing in and around the Earth, only visible when they wanted to be seen, only massive when mass was needed.

This fits the available facts better than the usual interplanetary assumption.

What about their motivation or PURPOSE?

The usual assumption followed the postwar Klaatu theme. The atom bomb is the worst thing in history, so the aliens are trying to stop the atom bomb.

This is stupid nonsense. The atom bomb was nothing special, and did far less damage than our Thermite firebombs in Japan and Germany. And our Thermite bombs did VASTLY less damage than a prolonged campaign of torture and mass murder. The Japs and Krauts killed and ruined millions of lives before they were stopped.

Right now the modern Nazis are repeating the Kraut campaign everywhere in the world, killing millions and ruining BILLIONS in the name of “environment” and “virus” and “healthy conversations”, while simultaneously shutting down atomic power to emphasize the variable!

= = = = =

The disc-type UFOs were dancing around, appearing and disappearing. Most witnesses got the sense that the discs were investigating or checking the situation while moving around, like a curious puppy. Sniff here, sniff there, stop to roll on the grass, sniff there, pause to pee**, sniff more, play-fight with siblings…

The bigger vehicle-like UFOs seemed to be more serious, but nobody could figure out which side they were representing. At various times they appeared in most of the economically advanced countries. During the war the Krauts thought the discs were ours, and we thought the discs were theirs. Russians saw just as many discs as we did, and the Soviet government handled the situation the same way ours did.

Here’s a possibility that hasn’t been imagined:

The ancient charge critters were charging for their services.

They were selling disc detective work to any country or corporation that wanted it. They were selling Venus tours and abductions to cult leaders who needed to impress the yokels.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: This imagining disagrees with my previous imagining of the UFO’s purposes, and halfway disagrees with previous item about the government’s motivations. I’m not trying to be consistent, I’m just trying to have fun. Science is supposed to be entertaining.

Halfway: Government often hires services or steals weapons before understanding them. It then tries to reverse-engineer the product so it can manufacture in-house. The Air Force’s attempts to sample the outputs and residues from the discs would fit this acqui-hire practice. NSA developed the web so it could steal early-stage science and tech ideas from academia and reverse-engineer them for in-house production.

** Pee: The discs did sometimes pause to pee. They leaked a metallic-looking liquid, presumably the residue that the Air Force was trying to sample.

= = = = =

And finally: I think I’ll fade away from the UFO theme. I’ve used up the sources of old knowledge, and it feels like my speculation is getting too close to Deepstate-owned territory. My gut says ENOUGH, and I trust my gut.

Same both ways

I’ve noted before that UFOs were a perfect reversal of the normal “threat” mechanism.

Normally a government feels the need for more power and murder and profit, so it makes up a “threat”. Terrorists, subversives, foreign “attacks” on ships, cyber “attacks” on computers, “viruses”, “toxins”, ad infinitum. Government then creates a stageplay, sometimes totally mythical, sometimes baiting a “terrorist” or a foreign government into performing the “attack” we need.

Ordinary people DO NOT SEE A THREAT OR RISK BECAUSE THERE ISN’T A THREAT OR RISK. Government needs to promote the stageplay with endless advertising to gin up the “need” for a genocide or a torture chamber or a war.

UFOs were uniquely inverse. Ordinary people were seeing unusual scary stuff, and government wanted to persuade us that NOTHING was there.

In the current “virus” hoaxocaust we have massive evidence that the demons know it’s fake. If they thought it was a real epidemic, they would be protecting themselves MORE than the peasants. Instead, they’re strangling us while they breathe the fresh non-viral air.

Frank Edwards paid attention to the knowledge factor. He had access to some Air Force documents for internal use, which showed that the Air Force KNEW unusual things were flying around and landing. He held up this knowledge against the public reassurances that we’re only seeing Venus and Jupiter.

Memo from the Inspector General to Base Commanders, 12/24/59:

UFO investigators sent out from Air Bases should be equipped with binoculars, camera, Geiger counter, magnifying glass, and containers to store samples.

They knew UFOs were sometimes radioactive, but they didn’t know what the UFOs were made of. They wanted to know so they could imitate the superior technology.

No matter which side is material and which side is stagecraft,


= = = = =

Semi-relevant sidenote since I’m doing old/new parallel: Frank Edwards was somewhat parallel to Joe Rogan. In 1954 Edwards was one of the top three radio newscasters, with 13 million listeners. He respected the intelligence of his working-class audience and presented interesting items to exercise their minds. UFOs were just one of the interesting subjects. The Air Force extorted his union sponsor by moving defense contracts to non-union companies. The union had to survive by kicking Edwards out. Edwards knew he had a massive audience, so he switched mode to short radio features and books, and continued pleasing his audience and making money.


Fifth in a vaguely defined series on obscure secret electronics, after SCR-268 and Tenzor and Peilempfänger and Kleinstpeilempfänger.

= = = = =

American Radio Library has uploaded new issues of the British Post Office Engineering Journal. Why did the GPO have an engineering research facility? Because the GPO managed ALL communication in Britain. It was like Post Office plus Western Union plus Bell Tel plus FCC.

This is the first in a long line of BBC television detector vans, enforcing the British policy of financing BBC with receiver license fees. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the Kraut Peilempfänger truck. [So I was able to modify the Kraut truck easily.]

According to the article (which is short on electronic detail) the receiver was not picking up the superhet IF oscillator. It was picking up the audio-frequency radiation from the horizontal sync coils.

This freq was certainly radiated from antennas. When TV antennas were common, and when my ears were younger and sharper, I could hear the 15750 cycles turned into acoustic form by electrostriction.

Here’s another view:

Our pet alien feels perfectly safe here despite the allegedly intense magnetic activity in the truck. Why?

According to a recent Daily Mail article, the Detector Vans have always been fake.

First, it’s nearly impossible to sort out the signals in a crowded city environment where each building may have a hundred residents.

Second, all the horizontal sync coils are on the same frequency, so it’s a much harder task than locating a spy transmitter or locating one superhet radio tuned to the WRONG freq.

Third, BBC never had more than a dozen vans for all of Britain, yet BBC has prosecuted thousands of unlicensed sets every year. The vans just cruise around to scare the yobs. The real license cops find scofflaws the lo-tech way by comparing a residence list against a license list, and then double check by knocking on the door and listening for BBC programs with their Mark I Eardrums. Sometimes the license cops pose as salesmen to get into the house and look around.

So our charge-based life form can rest over this van. No electronic activity inside it, and the residents have heard that the van will be working their neighborhood, so they have turned off all their electronics. The van is a Mobile Quiet Zone.

If we assume….

UFOlogists have tried to explain the timeline in various ways. The larger type has been documented for thousands of years. The smaller discs were first publicly described in WW2, with both sides seeing flocks of discs and each side blaming the other. There was a postwar ‘pulse’ of the bigger type in ’47, then another big pulse around ’52 to ’54, then ’65 to ’67. Then the sightings pretty much stopped.

My first try at explaining the timeline was uninformed. I assumed they were our experimental spy tech, which became unnecessary after ’67 because surveillance satellites with digital cameras took over the job.

After reading more of the ancient history I had to abandon that notion, and now I’m imagining the devices as charge-based life forms. The smaller discs are the pets (birds or dogs) of the winged humanoids. The larger aircraft are horses carrying the winged humanoids.

Some of my first assumption was unquestionably true. The government was taking advantage of the public attention, playing both sides as always. The Ground Observer Corps was definitely meant to check the stealthiness of our new tech; and there’s some evidence that our new tech was trying to imitate the old mysterious tech. But our tech wasn’t the ONLY story.

Thinking about the charge vortex….. What development by the large wingless humanoids would be MOST THREATENING to a creature made of circling charge?

The magnetron.

The magnetron creates an internal charge vortex, which would specifically mess up the living charge vortices. The most common use of the magnetron is diathermy (microwave ovens) which directly competes with the main defense weapon of the charge critters.

The history of the magnetron fits the crucial dates neatly:

Invented in the ’30s for radar but not used much because its oscillations weren’t steady enough. Radar needs precise freq and phase, so radar soon adopted the klystron instead.

In 1947, Raytheon built the “Radarange”, the first commercially available microwave oven. An early Radarange was installed (and remains) in the galley of the nuclear-powered passenger/cargo ship NS Savannah. An early commercial model introduced in 1954 consumed 1.6 kilowatts and sold for US$2,000 to US$3,000. Raytheon licensed its technology to Tappan in 1952. Under contract to Whirlpool, Westinghouse, and other major appliance manufacturers looking to add matching microwave ovens to their conventional oven line, Tappan produced several variations of their built-in model from roughly 1955 to 1960. Due to maintenance and cost, sales were limited.

Japan’s Sharp Corporation began manufacturing microwave ovens in 1961. Between 1964 and 1966, Sharp introduced the first microwave oven with a turntable, an alternative means to promote more even heating of food. In 1965, Raytheon, looking to expand their Radarange technology into the home market, acquired Amana to provide more manufacturing capability. In 1967, they introduced the first popular home model, the countertop Radarange. Unlike the Sharp models, a motor driven mode stirrer in the top of the oven cavity rotated allowing the food to remain stationary.

Development of magnetrons for diathermy (heating food) started in ’47, so the charge critters started investigating the threat. Major milestones in ’52, ’54, and ’64, inspiring more investigation and perhaps attempts to halt the deadly peril. Widespread adoption in ’67. Time to retire from the field. The large wingless humanoids are purely toxic.

= = = = =

The discs were also allergic to smaller charge circulators like alternators and generators. If we can believe the stories, the discs had a non-destructive way of shutting down generators. (Applying a counter-rotating field???) Cars stalled in the presence of the discs, then started up again later. Battery-powered flashlights didn’t shut off. I can’t try to match a timeline for dynamos, since they were pretty much everywhere after 1890.

Explicit tag

I’ve been using the Entertainment tag on the UFO and Fortean items lately. I should make the connection more explicit.

The Forteans were trying to pull science back into the realm of entertainment and mystification and fascination. Their constant theme, starting with Charles Fort himself, was that Big Science is no longer observing Nature with fascination. Big Science is just being Big, serving government, serving the military, ignoring and censoring scientific facts, and killing millions of people.

The Forteans, from Hix to MacHarrie to Nesbitt to Edwards, were brilliant story tellers. They told about fascinating or peculiar incidents which were fairly well attested, and asked the listener to think about the incident scientifically. Unlike science teachers, the Forteans were not selecting and grooming the next generation of tenure-seekers.

Nesbitt called Fort the man who hated Science. Poor description. Fort loved science and hated scientists BECAUSE SCIENTISTS ARE RUINING SCIENCE.

The description wasn’t quite so obviously wrong in 1940 when Nesbitt was writing and narrating. FDR had ruthlessly constrained government-paid experts to STICK TO FACTS, just as he constrained government-licensed broadcasters to STICK TO FACTS, and constrained government-licensed bankers to STICK TO REAL FINANCE.

Now the constraint is gone in all of those spheres. All of the government-paid and government-licensed monsters have departed totally from Nature and facts and service and reality. All the demons are unleashed.

Bellyaches and quakes

One of the stories in Frank Edwards’s non-UFO books illustrates how real science gets suppressed or forgotten, then turns out to be correct in the light of later discoveries.

He tells about Bob Barr of Oakland, who reliably predicted earthquakes by his belly. Bob could distinguish a specific kind of activity in his gut that presaged an earthquake somewhere nearby, and could even predict the Richter number. (Or so he claimed.)

Edwards then mentions that animals everywhere in the West, best documented in zoos, were frantic on the day before the big ’64 Alaska quake. The USGS noted that the earth’s magnetic field showed a tremendous blip during that day.

This knowledge faded out, and until quite recently geologists ferociously denied all claims of objective or subjective prediction. Quakes were perfectly random.

Now Bob’s bellyache makes perfect sense in light of recent knowledge about our emotional and cognitive connections to the gut bacteria. Most bacteria are magnetosensors. When the earth’s field goes wacky, the bacteria get confused and dizzy, and our nervous system hears about it.

I had a fairly reliable earthquake sensor for a decade or so. A specific dark mood appeared 18 hours before a big quake in this part of the world, with no obvious proximate cause. The sensor disappeared recently, perhaps because living in the “virus” NAZI TORTURE CHAMBER makes smaller emotions harder to detect. Baseline darkness is above the level of the quake-predicting darkness.

See also.


Fourth in a vaguely defined series on obscure spy equipment.

First: Early American radar.

Second: Russian modular spy radio Tenzor.

Third: Truck-based German direction finder.

This is a cross-pollination of 2 and 3. It’s another Peilempfänger by Telefunken, in the same modular miniature form as the Tenzor. Telefunken called it Kleinstpeilempfänger, which is bigger than the device. I’ll call it Minipeil for convenience.

Here Agent Polistra (with her Tenzor rig) has acquired a Minipeil and is equipping her pet alien to locate enemy transmitters. He’s not especially happy about the task. He’s carrying the tube-based radio across his belly “disguised” as a hearing aid, with the signal indicator “disguised” as a wristwatch. He would find the strongest signal by turning his whole body around while “checking the time”. Definitely inconspicuous!

Closeup of the receiver and the “watch”. No Telefunken colors this time, but a couple of neat Zenith-style gadgets. The tuning scale is printed on a removable cylinder which contains the coils for this band. Another ancient trick; pre-1920 radios often had a set of plug-in coils for different bands instead of a rotary switch. The center knob adjusts the antenna phase. Lower switch selects off or CW or AM. Thumbwheel on left is the tuning, and slides the cursor across the removable band-coil. Thumbwheel on right is volume.

The article at CryptoMuseum doesn’t give much detail. I’m guessing that most spies carried the Minipeil in a briefcase or purse, with wires up the sleeve to the “watch” on the other arm. The body mount would take some clever tailoring to hide effectively, unless the spy was fat or pregnant. A briefcase could be turned casually without attracting attention.

Barking UFO

Yesterday I proposed or imagined that the larger UFOs might belong to an ancient tribe that figured out how to LITERALLY harness electricity, a tribe that wasn’t spoiled by atom theories. They know how to organize charge patterns for massless or massed appearances.

The sightings of small discs flying in groups have a different flavor. Witnesses often describe them as dancing and playing, flying along with a car or aircraft for a while then veering off or jumping to the other side.

Perhaps these are the pets of the larger charge-creatures. A flock of carrier pigeons sent out to investigate the war vehicles of the big humanoids, and having some fun in the process. Or a pack of Field Spaniels running down the prey.

One oft-cited story from northeast Ohio in March 1966: Deputy Staur and Deputy Neff were patrolling late at night and stopped to check out an abandoned car. While they were looking through it, a disc rose from the nearby trees and started flying eastward along the highway. Being good cops, they decided this was more important than an abandoned car so they pursued. It stayed ahead of them at speeds from 80 to 100. When they fell behind, it stopped and waited for them, then started up again. They finally ran out of gas in Pennsylvania, and the disc disappeared after seeing that they weren’t going to continue the game.

= = = = =

Is it possible to create a persistent vortex and send it out to accomplish a mission?

Yes. Hail cannons create air vortices and direct them into a cloud, where they break up the organized circulation of a thunderstorm. These air vortices look and sound a LOT like the ‘playful’ small discs, and their mission may also be similar.

Are they simply the same thing? Are the visible discs just air vortices created by the car or plane? Some might be. But the reported UFO-style discs are often illuminated at night and often interfere with power systems. So they seem to be primarily made of circling charge, which moves air molecules to create the sound. (The discs seen by some astronauts were certainly not made of air!)

Non-barking UFO

I just noticed one huge disjunct between modern UFO discussion and the 1947-1967 discussion. Absolutely all the modern UFOlogists are solely obsessed with the Roswell event. They don’t mention the hundreds of other non-dismissable sightings over thousands of years. It’s just Roswell, Roswell, Roswell, Area 51, alien Greys.

Wikipedia partly answers the question. The event was headlined in the Roswell local paper when it happened, but the Air Force successfully censored it. The event was brought into the public eye in 1970 by a “former” Air Force officer.

1947 was a huge year for sightings, including many in the Southwest. Typically they appeared in local papers then got shushed by Deepstate, so Roswell was ‘ordinary’ in this sense.

The Edwards and Lorenzen books, and the radio discussions, went into detail on MANY sightings in that place and time, but I haven’t heard any mention of Roswell or Area 51 or Greys.

Another one versus everything else disjunct, like Bitcoin versus the rest of the world.

= = = = =

Later: I did find a mention of Roswell in one of Edwards’s books. The mention verifies that it was an undramatic sighting, probably one of the smaller discs, not the larger ‘airliner’ size that might have been piloted. The Air Force response was equally undramatic, the usual Sucker Filter condescension.

Winged metrologists

I bought several of Frank Edwards’s books on UFOs and other subjects. Near the end of his short life he was following the model of Hix and MacHarrie and Nesbitt, producing a set of books and short radio features on historical and scientific oddities, well beyond UFOs.

All of these ‘Fortean’ writers were presenting known and observed FACTS that don’t fit the official THEORIES of historians and scientists. They were strengthening the resolve and the moral compass of non-Experts.

Edwards was a GREAT writer. Each book grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let you put it down. Edwards understood people deeply and empathetically, but didn’t understand technology quite deeply enough. He drew some tech conclusions that don’t work well.

Coral Lorenzen was the other way around. She was an introvert with less experience of human strategies, but she had a tremendous capacity for technical patterns and details. Some of her conclusions about human motivations don’t work well.

Most importantly, the ‘Forteans’ understood that non-Experts have MONEY, which modern writers have forgotten. Edwards sold millions of books, and his radio features reached millions of listeners.

Edwards’s UFO book starts with ancient stories. Ezekiel is the most famous, but similar accounts are found in India and China and the Americas.

Previously I was betting that the ‘standard UFO’ was simply an experimental surveillance tool developed after WW2. The pattern of secrecy and censorship pointed in that direction. I didn’t see any reason to assume origin from another planet, and I still don’t. After reading those parallel OLD descriptions, I have to bet on a more complex earthly origin story.

= = = = =

Just for fun, let’s take several of the observed facts I’ve been discussing lately and apply them to the long observations of UFOs.

1. Start with the interlocking facts about secrecy. Privacy is natural inside a guild or tribe, thus secrets are easy to keep forever within a guild. Secrets don’t want to leak.

2. Add the facts about tech history. Invention and life and language are NOT LINEAR. Technology and skills develop suddenly, then die out unless carefully maintained by a guild.

3. Add the perpetual observations of the ‘standard UFO’. It has a few basic ingredients that imply a massless charge vortex or wave knot, capable of assuming the external qualities of a solid object when necessary.

4. Add the perpetual observations of a hidden tribe of small people or angels with wings who are not quite material, capable of assuming quasi-material form.

5. Add the Booker T / mouse rule. When you’re the low-status mouse, you need to be very quiet and very smart. Live inside the walls, find your niche and stay there.

= = = = =

Sum: An ancient tribe of small humanoids developed tremendous technical ability based on the correct assumption that everything is patterns of energy. They never bought Epicurean atomism and chaotism. They know how to appear solid and massive as seen by our senses and tools, and they can turn off the stageplay just as quickly. We don’t know where they are because waves don’t have a where.

This ancient winged tribe realized that the big wingless tribes enjoy obeying the demonic will of evil psychopaths. The big tribes constantly slaughter each other, and the demons often slaughter their own tribe for fun and profit. We’re seeing the latter tendency right now in the broadest and most vicious form in all of history.

Occasionally, when the big warlike humanoids are getting especially nasty, the ancient little angel-tricksters wander around in their invulnerable fast-dancing fast-disappearing aircraft to see what we’re planning. They have no hope of fixing the big humanoids, but they may be doing some ‘wiggle and watch’, popping out in interesting places and ways to measure our responses.

When they appear over non-psychopathic areas or guilds, nothing much happens.

= = = = =

When they appear near one of the demon-owned areas, their ship is pursued and shot.

= = = = =

The shooting doesn’t matter (or isn’t matter) because the angel-tricksters are only appearing as matter; but the shooting gives them a measure of the demonic power at this particular time and place.

More on vanished knowledge

Continuing from previous item on mass forgetting…

We do know a few things now that weren’t known, or weren’t easily available, in the ’60s, and these new bits of info should inform our discussion now.

The earlier UFO thinkers were reluctant to conclude that the devices were ours, because

(1) Nobody can keep a secret.

(2) The progress of technology is linear. An invention is always improved as time goes on. These devices seem to be beyond our current abilities, so they must be ET.

= = = = =

(1) was thoroughly disproved in 1973 when the Enigma project was published. Another cryptographic project with the same history was also published for the first time in 1976. Both projects were led by a few professional spies and employed thousands of civilians. All the civilians returned to normal life after 1945, with no further orders or paychecks from the military. All the civilians kept the secret for 30 years. Both reveals were made by the professional spy leaders.

In the ’60s nobody outside of the secret-keepers knew about these projects, so it was easier to assume that all secrets must leak out.**

(2) was already massively disproved by the history of alchemy and astronomy. Huge bodies of knowledge were lost in Europe but maintained and expanded in the Muslim world. The new availability of old books and patents enables us to see these forgettings clearly.

On a smaller scale, thanks to GoogleBooks we can now see that many specific devices, like fax and data webs and automatic transmissions and synchromesh, were invented and used, then forgotten until a Correct Corporation or a Correct Government “newly invented” them.

Progress is not a linear upward curve. Inventions and language and life itself come into the world full-blown, then quickly die or gradually decay.

Knowledge and machinery develop quickly to a high level, then remain within a small circle or disappear until someone who Owns The Narrative decides to “newly discover” the knowledge or machinery.

So it’s entirely possible that the charge vortex technology seen in the ‘standard UFO’ was invented and kept secret, or invented and forgotten.

= = = = =

** Pretty good paradox. Perfect secrecy allows Deepstate to cultivate the assumption that secrecy is impossible, because we don’t know the giant exceptions to the assumption. And the assumption then allows Deepstate to maintain perfect secrecy, because we don’t believe that it exists.

No excuse

For a month or two I’ve been pleasantly marinating in UFO discussions, mainly from the mid 60s. Thanks to archivist Wendy Connors, we have a huge well-organized selection of radio programs and interviews.

Earlier today I was reminded of Avi Loeb’s pet UFO, and watched some of his recent interviews. He hits the failings of Experts sharply and accurately.

But the modern discussion of UFOs is frustrating now that I know the history. Loeb and his interviewers are just starting to rediscover the questions and patterns that earlier thinkers had already organized and formalized.

We’re in the Dark Ages. All previous knowledge has vanished. Demonic rulers repeat the tortures that Machiavelli described, and we’re surprised. Bureaucracies replay the destructive games that Parkinson described, and we’re surprised. Elon “invents” electric cars and spaceflight, and we’re surprised. Avi starts to think about UFOs and starts to criticize Experts, and we’re surprised.

There’s no excuse for any of these vanishings. Most of the old material is within living memory, not 500 years old. All of the old material is EASY to access now, thanks to archivers and GoogleBooks. No need to join an obscure tape-swapping club, no need to learn ancient languages, no need to roam the world in search of the best libraries, no need to climb ten flights of narrow stairs in the Old Stacks of the best libraries. It’s all there at the click of a mouse, if you know enough about the subject to search wisely.

Wish I could find this again…

Every profession and guild occasionally has a spasm of soul-searching, sometimes prompted by a defeat, sometimes more general.

Science journals publish these fake pieces fairly often, and EVERYONE KNOWS that nothing will change.

We need to persuade the filthy three-toothed Christer Trumper Birther Hillbilly Neanderthals.

Why can’t we persuade the subhuman brainless fascists?

The problem is obvious to outsiders. If you want to persuade people, you need to treat them with RESPECT, you need to LISTEN to their concerns, and first of all you need to TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH. As long as you are torturing and killing and lying, you are not PERSUADING them, and YOU KNOW IT GODDAMN WELL.

One such media spasm after Trump was “elected” included a unique exception to the rule. I cited it in the old blog, but now I can’t find it in the archives. This one spasm was valuable because ONE of the soul-searchers told the fucking truth. There were about 10 essays from various media insiders, all running the same game. How should we pretend that we’re listening? How should we change our format? Should we use a different font? Big print and one-syllable words and short articles so the Neanderthal subhumans can pretend to read them?

One author told the flat simple truth. None of this shit will happen because the PEOPLE who work in journalism are devils who can’t possibly listen to anyone or tell the truth about anything. No system change or font change or improved algorithms will make any difference as long as the PEOPLE are demonic.

And that’s the truth about all soul-searches. None of this shit will ever happen because the PEOPLE in the profession are incapable of thinking outside their caste.

It’s all about caste every fucking time.

= = = = =

Credit sidenote: While looking through the old blog I was reminded that Avi Loeb has been an outstanding exception to the standard crap in science. He constantly pushed for REAL listening to Nature and REAL listening to outside voices. His advocacy for his pet asteroid as a UFO reminds me of Edwards and Lorenzen. His last article for SciAm was in Jan 2020, after a long run of monthly features. The timing is interesting, but it doesn’t sound like he was fired. Later mentions of Loeb in SciAm are generally neutral.

Poor comparison

Let’s try a comparison of the clubs and interest groups in the 1950s UFO craze vs the 2020 “virus” holocaust.

The comparison is messy from the start because the government’s experiments were opposite in form and scale. So I can’t draw a proper analogy. I’m just looking at the organizations.

UFO: Government was experimenting with advanced rockets and surveillance devices. The devices were real but the government wanted us to ignore them. The Air Force insisted on relabeling the observations as Venus or Jupiter, even when astronomers pointed out that Venus and Jupiter don’t dance around or fly in formations or show up on radar.

“Virus”: Government was experimenting with worldwide genocide and vicious Nazi torture. There might be an actual virus. We’ll never know. The one thing we DO know is that the “virus” (if any) had no effects. There was no epidemic. The deaths attributed to the “virus” were existing deaths, people who were already going to die. Perhaps their final condition included this “virus” (if any) and perhaps the deaths were purely relabeled. We’ll never know and IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. The “virus” is an unnecessary entity, an irrelevant variable. The real deaths and illnesses would have been THE SAME either way, except for the OTHER real illnesses that were undiagnosed and untreated for two years, and the shortened lifespans of an entire PLANET that spent two years in a torture chamber for no reason except the sexual pleasure of the psychopathic rulers.

= = = = =

Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, I can see some parallels in the responses.

In both cases we have ‘respectable’ data gatherers, organized by ‘former’ government employees. These groups accept the government’s basic premise but wish the government would do more investigation.

NICAP included many ‘former’ Air Force officers and currently employed scientists, and even had a ‘former’ CIA director on its board.**

Berenson accepts the premise, and is married to an MD. Nuff said. The German group ACU was led by Bobby Kennedy Jr, who is a major player in the Climate hoax. More than nuff said.

= = = = =

In both cases we have less organized observers, who ignore the premise and simply try to collate and report what’s happening. In the ’50s, Frank Edwards and Coral Lorenzen fitted into this category. Edwards lost his network news job for refusing to accept the premise, but he was able to regain his balance and find a different niche. Above all, Edwards and Lorenzen were not pretending to influence the government, just trying to give ordinary people moral support and empathy. … And both were trying to make some money! Moral support and empathy are valuable services. Much more valuable than fear and panic and strangulation.

I haven’t seen any Lorenzen-type organizations in today’s holocaust, but there are plenty of individuals who are simply trying to maintain their own views. An organized opposition might have started with Magufuli, but Deepstate killed him to be sure it didn’t happen.

If I think in terms of black and red, indicative and imperative, the sane governors of Dixie and the plains definitely belong on this side. They wisely avoided VERBAL statements of heresy. They simply ruled their states sanely, IGNORING the “necessary torture” that was “required” by the false premise.

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** Incidentally, NICAP finally got the full-scale investigation that it wanted. Jerry Ford, the House Repooflican leader, conducted a full Congressional hearing on the subject. The hearing was a Robust Debate between the Air Force and Nobody. Since Nobody presented no convincing evidence, the Air Force side was properly and logically accepted.