Always a thrill

Coral and Jim Lorenzen developed a network of independent UFO observers across USA and South America. Their organization knew what was happening, and thus knew when the media was choosing not to report what was happening.

Immediately after Sputnik a large number of media reports came to the surface, and the media went supernova after Sputnik II (carrying Laika the dog.) Coral knew that the change was mainly in the media, not in the actual frequency of reports. The media clearly wanted to distract us from the Russian success, and needed to associate HORRIBLE UFOs with Russian satellites.

Even so, a couple of highly dramatic incidents happened just after Sputnik II. A huge orange ball was seen by a military installation at Itaipu in Brazil, and a similar orange ball (possibly the same ball) was seen in Levelland, Texas. These objects used their electric fields more aggressively than before, seriously burning two of the soldiers at Itaipu and ‘warming up’ some people in Levelland. Both of these objects also stopped cars and electric power systems.

Coral believed UFOs were from other planets because she grew up under FDR and couldn’t imagine our own government killing its own people for thrills.

She wrote:

Is there a purpose and a pattern? I believe so. A moderate-sized American town “besieged” by an object which stopped traffic. A test to halt panic-stricken flight of the natives when the day of contact comes?

A modern observer who grew up under the post-FDR Deepstate wouldn’t be so sanguine. We’ve seen repeatedly, with increasing frequency and cruelty, that our own government ENJOYS trapping and destroying us.

The tendency was already clear in the ’50s in retrospect. Our Civil Defense program was designed to paralyze us with fear and panic, not to shelter us from real bombs. And now we recognize with horror the BESIEGED CITY, halting panic-stricken flight with lockdowns and lucite and ballgags in all transportation.

The UFOs were clearly part of the experiment, giving a thrill to the demonic experimenters. Imprison the peasants! Stop their cars! Burn them to a crisp! Day of Contact! Orgasm!

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Calibration: My own attitude toward Civil Defense was much more sanguine before I tossed the TV and sobered up from the neocon drug.

2005: Please protect us from terrorists! Need more lockdowns!

2011: Civil Defense was formerly sensible but now it’s useless.

2014: It’s always been crap.

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