Da capo al fine.

My very first thought about the “virus” hoaxocaust is turning out to be correct, after two years of wobbling and waffling. For a long time I assumed there was an actual virus but not an epidemic. Then I applied Ockham and settled into the total hoax hypothesis, but ignored the discussions about China because they looked like false flags.

Here’s what I wrote on Jan 25, 2020:

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If I had to make a hypothesis, I’d say Wuhan was brewing some kind of rebellion, and China’s government decided it was time to shut the province down. Note this headline.

USA found the panic convenient as another way to sanction China.

We should have been sanctioning US CORPORATIONS who chose to send their jobs to China. Instead, we let the corporations steal our jobs and skills, and then the corporations let China steal their factories. Pretty good deal for China. Sanctions now are just a shakedown, Trump’s way of getting concessions for his favorite corporations.

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Finally, after two years of worldwide holocaust, ruining EVERY SINGLE HUMAN LIFE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, the original purpose is coming to the surface again.

It’s just a battle between Xi and Jiang. That’s the whole story. China is fighting real cases of Jiangism, not imaginary cases of an imaginary “virus”.

This still doesn’t explain why the rest of the world’s demons seized the opportunity to permanently ruin their own countries. The unison pattern was rehearsed in 2019 by Event 201. Maybe the “cases” represent a different contagion in each country. Trumpism or LePenism. The common denominator is fun and profit. Joyous fun and orgasms for the psychopathic rulers and demonic Public Death Authorities, and infinite profit for Bezos.

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