Focusing on one question…

One of the Thiel questions in previous item is:

8. Normal people want security. Criminals want freedom.

The standard line, of course, misquotes Ben Franklin. Ben didn’t say it; an author published by Ben’s printery said it.

The question deserves renewed attention in the “virus” era. The “alternative” spokesmen, some of whom may be Agents Provocateurs, constantly misquote old Ben to tell us that we should fight for freedom against the security-loving muzzle-loving lucite-loving lockdown-loving Deepstaters.

In the first place, you can’t change human nature. The vast majority of people are DESIGNED to be servants and employees, not leaders. Most people NEED to serve their families and serve an employer by making things. Telling them to resist instead of serve simply won’t get anywhere, and I’m pretty sure the Agents Provocateurs know this.

In the second place, fighting is EXACTLY WHAT THE DEMONS WANT. Psychopaths are excited into a killing frenzy by a rebellious victim.

In the third place, the Ben-quoters are pivoting on the wrong part of the question.

We don’t need more freedom-loving and demon-exciting criminals. We need to base our security on FACTS instead of LIES.

The problem isn’t our need for security, the problem is Deepstate’s perpetual manipulation of security for demonic purposes. Deepstate persuades us that security from the “witch” or the “Commie A-bomb” or the “virus” or the “Islamoterrorist” requires crackdowns and lockdowns and fear and panic.

Normal people understand real risks accurately when they’re ALLOWED to use their own senses and social circles without Deepstate interventions and injections. Deepstate force-feeds us with fake risks and fake threats, then tells us how we need to “protect” ourselves from these “risks” and “threats”. The “protection” kills us and enriches Bezos.

We’re not trading freedom for security, we’re trading LIFE for DEATH.

It’s pure fraud, pure theft, pure GENOCIDE, pure HOLOCAUST.

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