More rambling on secrecy

Continuing on the theme of default secrecy.

If secrecy within the family or community or guild is normal, when is secrecy bad? Easy answer. Any tool or phenomenon is bad when it’s used aggressively and cruelly. Blackmailers manipulate secrecy to gain money and power. Deepstates manipulate secrecy to gain money and power.

Every cell and organ and individual and organization is trying to preserve an inner zone of order, defending against the outer world of chaos. In a normal functional organism or civilization, each module has input and output ports. Each person and business takes in food and information and puts out products or services. Each module increases the value of the overall system.

Internal privacy and balanced information flow are natural and necessary in a modular system. When one module starts sucking in all the money and nutrition and power, letting nothing out, the system fails. Same with information. Deepstate sucks in all information and uses it for destructive purposes, never letting it out. Deepstate never provides real Shannon information. Deepstate pours out vicious sadistic murder and torture and lies, and occasionally “leaks” a “revelation”. A “leak” is never Shannon. It may sound like new info, but if you look more closely you’ll see it’s already in the public domain.

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