What about fake input?

Fake info seems to be my theme today.

Fake output is extremely old, basically nature’s default mode. Everything keeps secrets, everything tries to deceive.

Fake input is a brand-new phenomenon. I’ve never figured out what the readerbots are doing with this blog. They’re easy to recognize in StatCounter:

Always Win 10 and the latest version of Chrome, always an obscure ISP name. The reading time is either zero or six seconds. This pattern has been consistent for several years.

I abandoned Blogspot in November after the cancellers started to invade. I haven’t added or changed anything since then, but the bots have continued reading it in exactly the same pattern. Even-numbered days get about 800 “reads”, odd days get about 100 “reads”. What are they trying to do? They haven’t picked up any changed inputs in 5 months.

If it’s some kind of SEO scanning algorithm, I’d think it would stop wasting bandwidth on a source that never changes.

Later: I figured out where the Win10/Chrome100/OddISP/SixSeconds reads are coming from. It’s the traffic.camp website. I think it’s an SEO thingamajig, but it seems to have blocked all references to itself so Google doesn’t find it.

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