ALL FREE! (for a while)

I was totally discouraged and disgusted last night when the Trump-appointed “judge” ordered TSA to drop ballgags, and the airlines eagerly went along, but the bus system refused to follow. Today they apparently got word from the federal demons. I don’t know why they decided to go along; presumably it has more to do with primary elections than Trump-appointed “judges”.


Effective immediately, masks are no longer required for STA employees, riders on buses, Paratransit, or Vanpool, or visitors to STA facilities. However, masks are still welcome for anyone who chooses to wear one.

The most recent fake deadline was going to be May 3. The fake deadline had moved many times, and there was no visible indication that this time would be any different.

This “freedom” will undoubtedly be temporary, since all “freedoms” granted by demons are temporary. But I’ll fully appreciate it for the two or three months that it will last.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: Polistra and friends have returned to the Mill in the top icon, after precisely two long years in exile. The Chumbe lighthouse appears in this version of the scene to honor heroic martyr Magufuli, the only TRUE SCIENTIST IN THE WORLD, who was assassinated at the start of the holocaust to prove that the demons were serious.

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